The Start of Something New

April 21st is the day I was finally able to get my Canon T2i.  After a month and a half of reading all about DSLR cameras and how they worked and the technical and artistic principals behind the camera and photography itself, I was finally able to purchase my first, much anticipated DSLR. It was quite an adventure trying to get that thing... it was on backorder everywhere in the world except a few small camera shops and Best Buys... and then someone on a photography forum lead me to a 10% coupon that lead to our bank account's demise.  After following bad Google Maps directions and a GPS that had no idea where I actually wanted to go, therefore getting lost ... somewhere... in Pottstown, I got directions from a concerned driver who saw me pulled off to the side of the road with my 4-ways on and I found the magical, glowing Best Buy.

I then drove excitedly home and took a dozen "nothing" pictures before formatting the SD card and retiring for the evening.

Photography has always been a suppressed interest of mine.  I've wanted to venture into the art since my days in high school, but the opportunity never presented itself.  I got tired of waiting and I decided to create my own opportunity... and now I'm hooked.