Learning the Process...

This week I attempted to start learning post processing using GIMP... what a task!  Haha, I think I've done a lot more reading than doing this week trying to understand the concepts behind the graphs, lines, values, and various tools... and I'm no where near *half-way* done. Click on images for larger version

Both of these images were taken in *SUPER DENSE* fog :) Here was my first day's attempt:

Original: Original Scale

Final: Color Correction Wood Scale

Here was my edit from the second day I tried my hand at PP:

Original: Woodland Home Original

Final: Woodland Home Final

After posting them on some photo forums and getting some feedback... and just from simply stepping away from the photos and coming back to them later... I've decided that I don't really like them... but they certainly were a learning experience.

I had a couple edits posted for me by other users that were helpful in serving as a visual aid as to what I should be going for, so hopefully next time around the results will be better.

They won't be *perfect*... but hopefully they will be *better* :D