... As in 100% of the shots I took on Saturday were SHITTASTIC!!!! Haha... Saturday was my first time trying to shoot a band in Manual mode... I couldn't have done a worse job if I tried (well maybe I could have...). The consistent red-orange lighting hitting the front of the band didn't help too much either... haha.

The pictures *sucked*, but after going through the EXIF data I did learn from them.

The main problem was that my shutter speed was way too slow (which I knew but couldn't figure out how to remedy), ranging from 1/5 - 1/20. Any of the shots that came out "better" were, obviously on the 1/20 end. It wasn't until it was too late that I realized I should have bumped the ISO up... It was set at 1600... I'm using an 18-15mm kit lens that only opens to 3.5 at it's shortest focal lenth... of COURSE I should have bumped the ISO up to 3200... That was major the difference between the first shots of the band I took and this week's.

Ah well... there's plenty of more shows to shoot! Can't win 'em all right? How would I learn otherwise? ^_^