I'm either going to have to get really brave, really patient, or buy my bravery buy overcoming my laziness and going to the sheriff's office to apply for my license to carry... haha! I am currently experiencing that dreaded and much frowned upon "I have nothing to shoot!" mentality. I *know* that there are 3 or so spots in town that I want to shoot, not to mention the stranger street photography potential there... not that they're swarming like in NYC or anything, but still. But that is where my need for bravery comes in... because the thought of being "in town" by myself doesn't exactly make me feel safe.

I'm a tiny suburban-bread Puerto Rican with an expensive camera that is anything but subtle... walking around in Allentown by myself? A city that I barely know, therefore leaving me unaware as I walk through ganglands or "someone was just shot here last week" avenues...

At best I'll get some cool shots. At worst I'm going to get mugged and my camera will cease to be mine any longer... At "God Forbid" I'm not even going to be breathing anymore to be able to TAKE *any* pictures....

So I don't know what to do.

It's a gorgeous day out, but seeing as my husband is not only playing a show tonight, but playing one in a different *state* and won't be back until Monday, I think I'm going to chicken out for now.

Which sucks.

I've exhausted the park down the street from me, and the furnace ruins park in Alburtis is either posing an intense challenge to me, or is just not as interesting as I first imagined it to be... I'm not sure which. But I've been back there twice now and have little desire to visit there again today.

There's a cemetery down the street I could try... but I feel like that's so cliche right now...I could walk around the circle of roads around my house, but there's not really anything but farm fields around there.

I could go hiking but I won't do *that* without someone else or... my license to carry either.

There are shows I could shoot at, but I'll have to wait until I can *get* to one... I could just wait for Keith to come home TO go hiking... but... I want to shoot *today*.

I'm stuck.

It's my own damned fault, I know... but... like I said... 95lbs and little physical self-defense knowledge and no License to carry... I don't think it's totally out of reason for me to be a little nervous to put myself in certain situations. haha

Who knows... perhaps I will soon grow a pair.