41 Views today, huh? What in the hell did I do today to attract 41 views to my blog? Haha! ::Shrugs:: Anyway... I promise I have been shooting *way* more than I've been posting... I'm *awful* at blogging...

About 2 weeks ago I made an attempt at Band Photography... Manual style.

My first attempt was a miserable failure. I could blame it on several things... slow kit lens... the rowdy crowd... my being too short... the ugly consistently red-orange lighting... BUT... I'm only going to factor all that into 1% of the blame, and I'm going to say that 99% of the reason why 100% of the shots came out shibby was because... well frankly, I had no idea what the hell I was doing, haha!

I tried again on a whim the next night during an hour-long showcase the boys played. I got a handful out of these that were decent.  There's always room for learning and improvement but these were definitely much better than my first attempt!

Nick and John