When my two worlds collide

So my husband got hired for a studio gig and he's going in to lay down some tracks tonight... thing is I'm not really sure if it's a home studio or an actual stand-alone studio. He asked me if I wanted to come with him since I don't have to go into work at my normal early time tomorrow and I immediately said yes... however, it wasn't for the reason the he was probably thinking.

He was probably assuming I would want to be there for the fact that I went to college for recording and have been involved in music and sound for the majority of my life... ordinarily... that would be the case.

But the *actual* reason I'm excited to go (assuming it's an actual studio) is so that I have some place new and some*thing* (ie. a recording session) to take shots of.  ^_^

Of course I can't be in the way, or in the studio while they track, but that doesn't mean I can't find things in the control room, or can't pop into the studio in between takes while Keith is messing around.

I'm really hoping to come away with something decent... we'll see what happens.  ^_^