False Alarm

Remember that flash I was getting for free from Keith's uncle? Well I got it... brought it home... it's a simple little brick of a thing... I threw it on the camera and BAM! Nothing but white. Re-adjusted settings. BAM! Nothing but white again. What's going on?

I tried Av and Tv instead of Manual... BAM! BAM! White... white... and more white.

It wasn't until I made some REALLY extreme settings that I started getting some actual parts of an image...

So I did a little googling... not compatible with digital cameras.


I have no idea how his uncle managed to use it those few times he said he did, unless he thought it was normal to have such extreme settings with a flash... (and maybe I'm the one that's confused... maybe it *is*, haha)... but an article I found said that because it wasn't compatible with digital cameras, naming specifically the EOS cameras... it wouldn't be able to meter with the camera.

Welp, that explains the white.

There go all of my hopes and dreams.....................

haha... okay, not really. It just means I'll keep shooting without a flash and keep on saving my pennies. XD