Sometimes Silence Isn't Golden...

For anyone who's interested... I've added a page to the blog titled "Current Projects", which can be found with the rest of the links on the right hand side...

(over here see? :D---------------------------------------------------------------------->)

What's it for?

Current projects, duh.

I don't always get a chance to update the blog while working on projects, because I'm spending all of my time... working on the project... and I don't like uploading incomplete sets.  As a result, the blog will go a week or two without an update and then a few people start to wonder what happened...

Am I okay?  Am I dead?  Did I suddenly decide I hate photography and have abandoned all efforts?

No, I'm just busy.  :D

So the Current Projects page does just like what it sounds like it should... it describes the projects that I am currently working on and will eventually be posting about.

So if anyone is curious as to what is happening in my time of absence... that's where you can go to find out!  ^_^