Save the Date!

A while back (on July 18th, if I'm recalling correctly), my friends Andy and Phil, and I had a photoshoot for their Save the Date cards. Andrea had a few ideas of what she wanted and we tried them as well as a few others.  The main idea for the shoot was to have 3 panels of selective coloring to convey the completeness in their relationship.

We shot the scene in an upstairs loft of a building that her youth group meets in. There was art hanging on the walls, a few couches and several cafe style tables and chairs. The room was lined with tall windows on both sides and there was a big blank wall in the back of the loft that was able to be written on.

Andrea wanted to have the words "Save the Date" as well as the date of their wedding written on the wall behind them. After writing the words on the wall, we positioned Andrea and Phil in front of the wall, making use of the natural light coming through the windows on the left.

Shooting was easy once I found my rhythm and the correct settings for a good exposure, but the Post Processing... that was definitely a challenge! For this project, I developed an intimate relationship with layers and masks that I had never before known. I also played around with several selection techniques, tried my hand at B&W conversions, and made my first attempts at selective coloring. I also ended up needing to apply some other portrait touch-up techniques that I had never had to utilize before.

This is the result of all of that work:

(click photo to view larger version)

The next image that Andrea and Phil chose actually started as 3 separate images, but Andrea requested that they be put into 3 panels next to each other like the first image they chose.

On the way to the building entrance, there was a very narrow alley way that we decided to take some shots in.

Put together to give you:

To view other shots in the set, just CLICK HERE

The window shots in that set were an experiment using natural backlighting and a home-made reflector. After seeing the shots on the computer, I was able to figure out how I *should* have placed the reflector, vs. how I actually placed it, haha. Lesson learned for next time. For those particular shots, I had to dodge and dodge and dodge some more... lesson learned for next time! ^_^