In the Second Room of Light

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the person who blessed me with the wonderful gift of Lightroom2. I am going to refrain from naming this person as I am not entirely sure whether or not they would be okay with my naming them (and if you read this, and you are, I'd be more than happy to give you credit ^_^ ), but I made a friend on a photography forum that I frequent who, out of the goodness of their heart, sent me their copy of LR2 that they didn't need anymore as well as a book all about LR2. While I'm *very* excited about this... I'm also slightly overwhelmed, hehe.

I've been reading this book like a text book, and while I'm sure the best way to learn the program is to just tinker with it, when I open it, it intimidates me for some reason. But... on the other hand... so did GIMP at one point. And now I can fly around GIMP and jet about Photoshop Elements 8 like I'm no longer afraid of heights. I expect the same thing to happen with LR2 shortly, but for now... WOW.

However, I believe the reason I may feel intimidated by LR is the fact that I'm in need of a LIFEroom program. Lord, if they made one of those... I'd be set.

("What the hell are you talking about?") I'll tell you. By nature, I am... as they say... scatterbrained. XD At this point I feel myself being pulled in about 20 different directions and that often results in my coming home, wondering which direction I should go in that day, and then by the time I realize which direction I want to go............ it's time for bed.

My excuse to my husband for spending all of my time working on my photography instead of cleaning, cooking, doing laundry... you know... necessary activities... is that "this is like school for me." It is. I can't go to a formal class... so I have to school myself. And after today I realized that in schooling myself... I need to establish some sort of structure... just like I would have if I were in a classroom. I need to set a schedule of things that I know I need to hit, but schedule them one day at a time, so I know exactly what I'm coming home to after work, what I need/want to accomplish, and not have to be thinking ahead to the next thing because I can easily look to my calendar and see that I will be learning about that on "Thursday". XD

I mean there are more photographic things that I want/need to learn, but many of those *need* to be scheduled as they involve shooting a band or involving other people who have a life separate from mine. Then things like learning about certain components of PSE and LR2 don't necessarily *need* to be scheduled... but because of the way that my mind would have me standing in one spot, spinning in circles, I have decided to attack them in a more structured manor. That's not to say I won't be rearranging the schedule quite often, but it will at least offer me the opportunity to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Will it actually work?

Who knows. But it's worth a shot, no?

There will definitely come a time when I will no longer need to do that, but I'm at a stage right now where I have too much pulling me in too many directions... so I think this will help.

In other news: