Bye Bye Band.

Soooo... yeah. Keith's band broke up. Yep. That's right. Faded Fortune is no more (or won't be at the end of this month).

The singer got tired of the project going nowhere, and some other things going on... and he stuck a fork in it. He's starting up a new project that he wants Keith to be a part of, however, Keith got another offer that he's checking out first.

How does this affect me? In the sense of "What will Keith do now?"... it doesn't. I'm used to him coming in and out of bands all the time... not a big deal. In the sense of "Who will you photograph?"... I HAVE NO CLUE!!!! XD

I have to think about this one for a while. A couple possibilities have crossed my mind, but I haven't settled on anything yet. My college roommate has friends in bands in Lancaster... *she* might be joining another band soon... there's always craigslist... etc. But... like I said... I haven't settled on an official plan yet.

There's of course, whatever projects Keith has his feet in at the time, but seeing as how the newest offer is still in it's starting stages, there really isn't anything to photograph yet, haha.

Ahhhh, just when you get comfortable with something... life throws a wrench at you and makes you adapt. XD

In other news... I finally got done editing Christine's set from the other week... it's uploading to flickr now... so I should have a post about that soon... ^_^