Oh, wow, you're still alive?

Yes... yes I am. Work has really been taking it out of me, and I've fallen a bit behind in my editing. I'm trying desperately to catch up... :) So... I had this really deep photographic thought process earlier... and I was going to come home and torture you with it... but then I got busy and now I forget what it even was. Lucky you!

So instead, I'm going to post up the latest band set I finished editing... accompanied with a story! (Lucky you, again! ;) )

This is the story of how, during my second week of training at my job, which was my first week out at schools, I decided to pull an all-nighter.


Because there was a venue that Keith had been playing all summer that I REALLY wanted to visit... and since my previous boss always managed to put a fork in my plans to go, when I found out I had a Wednesday off during training week, I decided I was going! No ifs, ands, or buts!

However, that required me to pull an all-nighter, because the band wasn't going to get back to town until about 4am... which is when I should have been leaving for my job that morning.

Luckily the meeting spot was half-way to my job, so I followed Keith down in my car and left it in the parking lot with his. I went to New Jersey to shoot this show, got hopped up on TONS of Red Bull, drove back in the van with the boys to our cars... got into my car, and started my trip to my job that morning.

That was the morning my GPS failed me, my phone internet magically decided to stop working, and the address I was given via the paperwork for the job I was going to was incorrect, making it impossible for me to look at a paper map in a gas station to figure out where I needed to go.

I found where I was going eventually, and miraculously made it on time, but that wasn't without a slight panic attack, and another Red Bull.

By the end of that day, after working, then attending a loooooooooong company meeting, and finally getting home, where I stayed up, rather than sleeping, because of all the caffeine I had in the last 24 hours... I had stayed up for a grand total of 32 (or was it 34?) hours. Straight.

Come to think of it, I'm not really sure how I was ANY kind of functional on Friday after all that, but... I'm alive and able to tell the story now, so apparently I survived. XD

Anyway, here are the results of that shoot: When playing, Keith always has a look of concentration on his face. People often comment saying that he looks angry in a lot of the shots of him. This one was no exception. XD

Christian's big vocal solo

Nick rockin' out

John tellin' it like it is