Ode to the Duckface!

I wasn't going to post this, but something someone said to me, felt almost like a challenge to do so. It wasn't. But I got the thought "Hey wait... people really think I'm that stiff? Seriously?" XD Well I'm not.

I introduce to you a small glimpse at my silly side! ^_^

Once upon a time, on a married life (for lack of a better description) forum, someone made mention of the "Duck Face".

Well, I'll admit... I had NO idea what that was. Then they pointed me in the direction of this website: Anti-Duckface.com

"OOOOOOOH! The *DUCK*face!"

A few more words were exchanged about it and I got the idea to start a joke thread paying homage to this amazing photographic trend!

And thus it were so.

I started the thread and many of the girls volunteered their duckfaces! Now, I thought that most of them would have to run and grab their camera to snap one off, never having done it before... but I was wrong. Only one girl, besides myself had never fell into this trend and had to create one on the spot... everyone else shared links (several at a time) off of their Facebook profiles! Haha! (Well... okay... I thought it was funny. :P )

Now, *I* personally have never partaken in the glory that is the duckface before, so I had to create my photograph from scratch.

What a perfect time to break out the radio trigger and find out (a month after buying the damned trigger) if I could use it to control the lights I have access to... Well it worked!


...and then my camera died. :( Sad day.

But before the camera died, I was able to snap off this gem... Now brace yourselves... the sex appeal may be too much for you to handle... I hear the duckface has that affect on people...

Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you...

DUCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps... if anyone knows how to control font size on Wordpress and wants to be kind enough to share........... I'd love to know how! XD