Faded Fortune - Sands Casino - 9.3.2010

Hello, hello, hello! It's been quite a while, eh?

Well, now that I'm on a temporary hiatus with Lifetouch, I'm trying desperately to catch up on all the projects I have fallen behind on due to 50+ hour work weeks O_o.

I would *LOVE* to regale you with tales of the adventures I must have been having at this show for these images to come out the way that they did... but, alas, this show was almost 3 months ago, and I have failed to commit to writing a pre-post with details of the show, like I intended to, so that I can remember what happened by the time I get around to posting images.


My bad... sorry. ^_^

Anyway... here are a few shots from that show! View the rest of the set here: --->Proceed With Caution - Faded Fortune - Sands Casin o