Faded Fortune - Seacrets

Still playing "catch up", but here is the latest set I've finished! These were taken at a gig back in October at a pretty sweet night club in Maryland called "Seacrets".  The venue posed some interesting issues that night.

First and foremost I re-learned the lesson to *NEVER* dress up if I have even the *slightest* intention of shooting a show.  The reason I originally stopped doing that was because heels and a mini skirt are never helpful when it comes to crawling around a stage while keeping your eye glued to a viewfinder... so I resorted to jeans, sneakers (for the most part), and a comfortable t-shirt and/or hoodie (some of those clubs are FREEZING!).  I'm all about function over fashion in the appropriate situations.

But, for SOME reason, on October 10th, I decided that I wanted to dress like I was about to have a night on the town.  Why?  We were going to a fun club... we were going to have some time to kill... I figured it'd be fun.  It *WAS*... until I started shooting.

The heels actually helped a little because the place was PACKED and everyone in the world is taller than me.  But being dressed up and catching the attention of several ... bachelors ... was not so helpful.  I'm not a fan of missing shots because I'm too busy explaining to someone over the sound of a ridiculously loud PA system that "the drummer is my husband!"  It's even worse when they don't hear you the first time... or for some reason they decide to stick around anyway [I don't know if they think musician's wives are just loose like that, or what the deal is.  XD ].

Needless to say, I haven't gotten "dolled up" for a gig since October 2nd.  XD

The OTHER fun thing about this venue was the fact that the floor was *not* fully supported.

That place was P-A-C-K-E-D to the brim (which was *great* for the club and the guys in the band), and *not* so great for little ol' me trying to take pictures from the floor.  It felt like I was in a moon bounce.

The floor... *bounced*.

With everyone jumping up and down, the floor moved with their motions and I was *fairly* certain that *none* of my shots were going to come out due to my inability to keep. the camera. STILL.  No matter HOW hard I tried!

It was also, I believe, the first venue I've shot at where the lights were changing and didn't stay consistent during the whole show.

It was a challenge, but it was definitely fun!

Here are some of the results of that shoot:

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