What do you do when the lighting color scheme is putrid?

CONVERT TO BLACK AND WHITE! XD Here are some shots from one of the more recent Faded Fortune shoots I did... but let me tell you about this venue. They might as well have been playing a basement show... because I've shot some *dark* venues before, but this one was the DARKEST of the dark. Sure, they had backlighting, but that doesn't help much unless you want to see 300 photos of a dark silhouette against pretty mini cans and strobes...

This venue had 4 cans, hap-hazardly aimed at the front of the stage, and they pretty much just covered the area where the lead singer stood. Both guitar players were completely in the dark and the only light the drummer was playing in, was the light that wrapped around him from the backlighting rig. Not only was the front lighting inadequate, but they were an orangy-peach color, supplied by the backlighting guys, which was MUCH better than the ugly red and green gels usually applied, but still clashed with the backlighting.

There really wasn't much anyone could do, short of redesigning the venues lighting scheme, so fun times indeed. XD

But I managed to get some shots for the guys :)

And at the end of the night, a very... excited... fan decided she was going to throw a dollar bill onto the stage. I don't know if she was just trying to be funny, or if she really thought they deserved a tip, but she threw a dollar onto the stage. And then another. Then her friend started in... and the next thing the guys knew, they were being showered with dollar bills and the occasional 5 spot here and there!

I think they made something like $50 in tips that night during their last song! XD

I unfortunately didn't get a shot of the money shower, because I was at an angle that didn't allow me to see what was happening until I saw Keith's expression on the drums. By the time I realized what was happening... it was over... but I managed to snap off a shot of the aftermath :)

I also shot the show the next night and a show the weekend after, so stay tuned for those posts coming soon!

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