"DON'T. MOVE... I misfired."

We had a lot of fun with that one!  ...You had to be there... Yesterday I assisted photographer, Joe Joyce, (I have a feeling you're going to be seeing his name pop up more and more here, so you might as well get familiar with it XD ) on a photo shoot yesterday.  The model, Cathy, and her husband, Marty, who was there for moral support, were a lot of fun!

When I first got there, Joe and I did some preliminary set ups and then waited for Cathy and Marty to arrive.  Once they got here, they made themselves at home and got comfortable, and after going over some things and reviewing the goal of the shoot, we got to the fun part!

It was a great exercise in posing and lighting, and a great collaborative effort on everyone's part.  I was even doing hair at one point... which can be dangerous, considering I'm *not* a hair stylist and can barely do my own hair on a *good* day, haha, but since it was just simple straightening that needed to be done, I think it was okay... :D

It was a LOOOOONG day, but a productive one.  I think it may have been a case of biting off more than one could chew, because we were trying to go for a TON of different looks, and while we got through *most* of them, there were still a couple we had to put away for another day.

The shoot started around Noon and I don't think we took the last frame until close to 9pm that night!  So like I said... long day... but it was fun and well worth it!

Unfortunately, the nature of the shoot, being that it was an "artistic nude" shoot as a gift for Cathy's husband, has caused Cathy to understandably deny permissions for displaying the images anywhere on the internet, so you won't be seeing those at all, but I just wanted to write about the experience anyway.

In other news, I'm working on editing another Faded Fortune shoot (the second part to my previous post), and that should be ready to go in a few days, so keep your eyes out for that!  And of course, this marks the beginning of week 2 of the 52 week project!  I picked the theme this week... I think we're going with abstract, so we'll see what that yeilds!  XD CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!