My cat is too damned smart!

As I was tidying up the room a bit, I noticed that my cat, Robin (yes I realize it's a somewhat ironic name), was curled up tight into a little ball with his "arms" covering his face. I, of course, thought it was adorable and wanted to get a quick shot of it. I had intended to caption it with: "Turn off the light, Mom!" But my cat is too damned smart.

Robin and Tewey don't get along so well. Every time I point my camera at him, Robin stops whatever amusing thing he's doing, or he simply runs the other direction. And this behavior started *before* I acquired my flash. He doesn't like my camera. I don't know why.

So of course the SECOND I point it at him, to capture this adorable, captionable pose he was in, he snaps his head out of position and gives me a look as if to say "Really? We're doing *this* again?"

Little brat. XD

So instead of my image captioned "Turn off the light, Mom!", I ended up with this: