Faded Fortune - March 5th, 2011

I'm trying to think up something amusing to tell you about this show to go along with these images, but the story of my frustration in trying to *upload* these images is all that is consuming my brain at the moment. It's bad enough that Facebook CRUNCHES THE HELL out of images and makes them look as if I was half-drunk while shooting (and for the record, I don't drink even a DROP of alcohol when I'm working...the results would be less than aesthetically pleasing... XD), but while I was trying to upload these images earlier, I kept getting an error message telling me that Facebook "was confused" and "didn't understand" what I was trying to do.


I clicked "Create Album".

What the hell is confusing about *that*?

Well the upload bar looked like it was still moving, so I let it go until it was done. The photos showed up but only some of them, and it wouldn't let me re-order them. So I tried to delete the album to start again from scratch... and nothing happened.

Delete again.

Nothing happened.



Then I tried to delete individual pictures... nothing happened.

I was pretty much going crazy. Then I left it alone, and came back about 10 minutes later and everything was gone.

Then I tried it again.

Same thing... upload failed, yet the pictures showed up... and then nothing would delete.

Then I left it alone and came back THRITY minutes later and FINALLY everything was okay.

During all this, I had created a new status which magically disappeared and reappeared on its own will later, as well as a new "like" to the page... which disappeared and reappeared on its own will later.

Ugh. Facebook. Can't make it work... can't live without it. XD

Anyway... PICTURES:

Hosted from Flickr... with better quality and better service all around than Facebook... I present to you... Faded Fortune at Harrisburg Hardware Bar on March 5th: