Where have you gone?!

I've had some people ask me where I disappeared off to the past week or so because I've been M.I.A. from just about every social circle I run in, haha. Where have I been?  Working during the day... and then coming home and "working" some more.  XD

I've been going through the photo shoot I did with Jill Darr as well as working on various Faded Fortune things and the anniversary party I just shot.

I was supposed to have a session tomorrow with a model, however, she informed me earlier this week that she had a longboarding accident and needs to heal up from some injuries, so that shoot has been postponed until a slightly later date.

There are more projects in the works... some are booked and some are in the air, but "busy" doesn't even begin to describe my life's state at the moment, haha!

The 52 week project hasn't died, for anyone wondering about that... but it has been postponed until I can get some of the "bigger" projects out of the way.  It's important to prioritize, haha.  This is why it's called the "52 week (or so)" project... because the "or so" part refers to the weeks I skip it due to the possibility of my head exploding over everything I need to get done!  Haha!  But don't get me wrong... that's not a BAD thing.  In fact, it's a very, very GOOD thing! ^_^

So anyway... for anyone wondering... that's where I've gone.  Not far... and not for much longer... but when I "come back" I'll have some pretty pictures to show you ;)

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