Yes-ter-day was Thursday, Thursday...

...Ta-day it is Fri-day, Fri-day... ...And *every* Friday, that stupid song gets stuck in my head. XD If you don't know what I'm talking about... then be blessed that you have been untouched by the madness, haha.

So I haven't had an update in a little while, so I figured I'd, uh, just check in. :D

I've been diligently working on editing Jill Darr's shoot lately, and while I've made some good ground on it, I'm not quite finished yet. I've been tempted to show off a preview or two of the set, but I've held strong and kept to my preferred method of only showing the set once it's finished. Maybe that's silly... who knows.

What I *DO* know is that I'm looking forward to shooting Rev Theory and Saliva tomorrow night at the Crocodile Rock!

Joe Joyce had connections to Rev Theory, so we're getting put on "the list" tomorrow to get in and shoot! It should definitely be a good time!

On top of working on Jill's shoot, photographing Rev Theory and Saliva tomorrow, I'm also going to soon begin editing the 60th anniversary I recently shot and Joe and I are gearing up to shoot a communion next weekend.

Busy, busy, busy!

But hey... who's complaining? I'm certainly not! ^_^

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