Ah, yes. So I realize that this is *not* the next band that I said I was going to post, but I re-prioritized my editing.

It happens.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the duo of a good friend of my husband's and mine.  Cellist, Trevor Exter and Drummer, John Kimmock together form the duo XVSK (XVSK.net ) that has a unique musical style and sound that I have personally never heard before.

If you ever get the chance to see these guys play, you should definitely do it... and I'm not just saying that because we know John, but because the music is excellent!  Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I won't say that if I don't mean it.  I'm not into inflating the egos of the delusional and untalented.  XD

Trevor doesn't just play the cello like you would expect one to play the cello.  I can't even really put into words what he *does* to it... he plucks it... strums it... runs it through effects pedals... he plays that thing like I've never seen anyone play one before and in ways I would never expect one to play a cello.

John, on the other hand, has a really great feel on the drums that is creative and, I've heard, often times hard to emulate.  The kid's a natural.

Watching both of these guys play is a pleasure!

So anyway, back in May they played a show at a cafe in Bethlehem, Pa, that used to be called the Wildflower (and is now called, I believe, the Terra Cafe?).  It was SUPER dark.  Tewey didn't like it very much.  There were gelled overhead lights that were seriously dimmed down over the stage, a random light hanging from the right wall, and the brightest light was a lamp that sat behind and to the right of John.

It was definitely a challenge to shoot and the colors didn't mesh well together at all, so I opted to go B&W on this set.  The *other* fun part of this shoot was the way the stage and seating was set up... Every angle that I tried to take, something on the stage was in my way.  That, or I was in someone *else's* way (Terra Cafe is tiny and seating is tight...), and while John gave me permission to just get all up in anyone's grill that I needed too... I felt bad doing that.  They were there to see EVSK play... not to watch the back of my head.  XD

But I got some shots none the less.  :)

Here are a handful of my favorites:

To view the whole set click here:  XVSK Set on Flickr

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