In The Rain!

Yesterday after a long day of rehearsal a bunch of the cast went out for Margaritas. We hung out in the outdoor section of the restaurant and towards the end of our time then the wind started to pick up and the rain started to fall. On the drive home, one of the girls mentioned that she wanted to dance in the rain... Well that eventually just evolved into just being really really SILLY in the rain.

We splashed in puddles, ran around under quickly falling drops... And Slip 'n Slided under the hotel awning!

Here is some video of our antics!

DISCLAIMER: When I flipped the iPhone around during record mode, the image was always upright... But when I played it back on my phone, the image started turning sideways, upside-down and inside-out!


So, you know, when you see the picture doing that, just pretend that was my artistic genius at work and NOT just my ignorance to the fact that even though it *appears* to, the iPhone doesn't record video in any direction. XD