Good morning star shiiiiine! The earth says 'Hellooooo'!

It's 4:30 AAAAMMMMMM...

And I've yet to goooooo... to bed.


Yes, yes, I'm out on the road again with American Spirit, which means my sleeping habits are all askew again (I think I had about a week of semi-normalcy before this madness started again.  XD)  It's okay.  We leave at 6:45am, but I'll have about 6 hours to sleep on the bus... assuming I decide not to get up for lunch... and at this rate, I might not, haha.

In the mean time I've been finishing up images I took of Crobot at one of this recent shows.  I wanted to get these done a little sooner than I did, but life gets in the way, as you know... I mean I still have images from the Harddrive tour to finish... O_o  Personal work has a way of getting put on the back burner when more pressing projects come along...


Have I mentioned these guys before?  No?  Yes?  Does it really matter?

No, because I'm going to tell you about them again anyway.

This is what you need to know:  They're good.  REALLY good.  And you should listen to them.

["What kind of music are they?"]

"Dirty Groove Rock" (<-----Straight from the mouth of the Crobot)

["What the heck is 'Dirty grove rock?' "]

Go listen to them and find out!

["Where can I listen to them?"]


Better yet... go check them out LIVE at a show!  (But still 'like' their FB page. :D )

ANWAY... before my brain decides to shutdown on me for the night... here are a few of my favorite shots from the night!

And while I missed focus a bit on this one, I'm going to take a second to be a bit biased... You have no idea how hard it is for me to capture an expression of my husband looking like he's having fun while playing, haha.  Don't get me wrong... he's *always* having fun, but it's often a look of intensity and concentration painted on his face, so I personally found this one kind of adorable...