Jazzmin Jolly

Hey everybooooody! It's been a little while since I've written an *actual* blog post... but before I get to the meat of it, let me just point out that I made 2 errors over the past few months.

1. While doing some maintenance to my website and blog, I accidentally deleted a "behind the scenes" blog post dedicated to April Piazza... or maybe it was the blog post for the FINAL images... I'm not really sure, but I deleted one and it was hers.  Which leads me to my next mistake:  I was just going through the posts to see which one was left (her behind the scenes post vs. the final image post) and I couldn't find *either*... which means not only did I delete the one I *wrote*, but I forgot to write the other. O_o

SO... even though that shoot was a while ago, that blog post will be coming in the near future because the lovely April Piazza deserves recognition!


Jazzmin Jolly!

I was contacted by the lovely Jazzmin Jolly (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1806549http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003098278446 ) to do a Cosplay based shoot using some wigs she had for the various characters she was portraying.  Of course I said yes, because 1. Jazzmin is a lovely girl (inside and out) and who *wouldn't* want to shoot with her?  And 2. It just sounded like it would be a fun shoot!

Now, here in Pennsylvania we had about 2 weeks of "unseasonably warm weather", and OF COURSE the day before Jazzmin and I were supposed to get together, the temperature drops to "ridiculously cold".  It was probably the coldest weather that I've ever had to do a shoot with a model, and she took it like a TROOPER!

While she was more than enthusiastic and willing to do the shoot in the cold, I still wanted to make sure she was as warm as she could be during the shoot, so I found a pair of sweatpants, a fleece sweatshirt, and a fleece blanket for her to throw on while I was making my lighting adjustments.

The two characters she was portraying were Tifa and Sarah from the Final Fantasy series... and once my husband found out that she was a Final Fantasy fan, it was on!  The two of them went back and forth faster than I could keep up with, haha!  But it was quite an amusing conversation to witness for sure!

After we got the images we needed outside, we moved indoors to get some head shots to showcase the wigs a little more.

Jazzmin was a BLAST to work with!  Her fun personality and comfort in front of the camera made for a very smooth shoot and I really hope to get in another cosplay type shoot with her again in the spring once the earth starts to wake up from it's hibernation once again!

And before I forget, I like to give credit where credit is due, so I'd like to give a shout out to Kenya Edwards! (http://www.facebook.com/kenyalynn)  On her way up to meet me, Jazzmin stopped by to see Kenya, who is responsible for Jazzmin's awesome makeup for our shoot!  So a big thank you to Kenya!!! CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!