Crobot | Roundhouse

Crobot played a show in the end of November at the Roundhouse in St. Clair, pa.  I took some pictures.  These are the results.  XD It's been interesting for me because lately I've been shooting in bars smaller than the clubs I used to shoot in (because original bands tend to get booked at small dive bars vs. the cover bands that tend to book bigger clubs where the patrons don't want to hear anything other than what they hear on the radio every day...) so there are times when I have either no stage lighting, or just shoddy lighting.

The lighting for this show was very scattered and sparse, as it was brought by the audio engineer that night, and thrown up and turned on.  This is fine if you're an audience member and just like watching a band under a few different colored lights, for effect, but it's not so great if you're a photographer, haha.

By the time I got these uploaded I realized that I really hated the color in all but two of the images, so I took this as an opportunity to play with black and white conversions ^_^  Hey... you know what they say... When the light's not right... convert to black and white!  XD  Okay, so I totally made that up, but that's sort of a general rule I go by... if the spotty stage lighting isn't mixing well with the ambient light, i just forget about color altogether and the images thank me in the end, haha.

And THESE are the two I couldn't stand *not* to have in color...

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