Final Fantasy Wig/Character Shoot Thingy

That's the title and I'm sticking to it!  XD Anyone remember Jazzmin (  Well I finished her images!

When I edited these, I sent them to her with straight up retouching and nothing more because she wanted to submit them to a wig company she wanted to become a model for... only to find out that they discontinued the wigs we used for her shoot.  :(


I have to say though, that company certainly should hire her, because she's fantastic at what she does!  If you have a Facebook page, you should totally check out her other work: 

After I sent her the "almost edited" images, which could technically be viewed as the final images, except for the fact that I wanted the coloring to look a certain way), I did some quick color changes.  I didn't want to sent those versions to the wig company because I wasn't sure that they'd appreciate the tint that was inevitably added to the wigs after my I was finished with editing work the second time around, haha, but now that I am done with the "normal" versions, I was able to put a little hint of flair into them.

These are those images... the FINAL final edits. ^_^

There are a few more shots that I would like to edit.  As always I work on what the client wants first and then if I have time later, I'll revisit my favorites and retouch/edit them.

Speaking of time... I'm sure I'll have a TON of time in the next month or so to do JUST that.

I'm going back out on tour again for a month starting on February 19th until April 2nd.

We'll be playing shows out west and there's quite some distance put between each show that we're doing, so I'm going to have PLENTY of time on the bus to work on things like editing previous images (as well as current ones, of course, which will *always* take priority!).

I'm also extremely excited to have the possible opportunity to be shooting a wedding with friend and great photographer, Krystal Mann of Life Strings Photography (click for the website), which is the new brand she just launched after previously working under her own name ( !  Krystal's photography has always been an immense inspiration to me and it would be a total honor to be able to work beside such a great photographer!  Krystal is located in Nashville, Tn, so if you live in or near the area, you should TOTALLY check her out!  (I mean you should check her out whether or NOT you actually LIVE there, but, ESPECIALLY if you live there!)

Getting back to the subject of Jazzmin's shoot... I also, once again, want to give a shout out to Kenya Lynn for being responsible for Jazzmin's makeup for this shoot (and doing a wonderful job)!  If you're in need of makeup services and you live in or around the Philadelphia area, check out her website at HERE and 'like' Emily McGonigle Photography on Facebook!