Grumpy's Jam (Part Duex)

Okay, so it's not TECHNICALLY a *second* part... but I know that I've posted images from this Jam before. This is a totally different night, but they had the little garden light/work light thingies... whatever you wanna call 'em... hanging in a different spot that I remember, so I took advantage of that and took a few shots for fun.  ^_^

The jam is run by Matt Roman and happens every Thursday night at 9 at Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse in Mechanicsville, Pa!  If you live in the area you should definitely go check it out 1. Because the food is TO DIE FOR and 2. Because the jam is fun, wether you're sign up, or are just there to listen to some music, drink some beer, eat some food, and have a TON of fun! ^_^ CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily McGonigle Photography on Facebook!