Goodfellas NYE 2011 | Crobot

They're the Dirty-faced Brethern, and they're taking PA and surrounding areas by storm!  They're Crobot and if you live anywhere near where they've played, and you haven't been out yet to see them, you are SERIOUSLY missing out! On New Years Eve 2011, Crobot played a show with 3 other bands:  A Dawn BecomingTrue Becoming, and Candlelight Red at Goodfella's Warehouse in Pottsville, Pa.

Self-described as "dirty groove rock", these guys hit the stage hard and don't stop until they're done!  They've been compared, by their fans, to bands such as Clutch, Queens of the Stoneage, The Mars Volta and the legendary Led Zeppelin!

It's serious stuff, people.

They're currently in the studio, working on pumping out their album for the world to devour, (which of course I hath documented and those images will be hitting the blog soon... ^_^ ), but until then you should DEFINITELY check them out on Facebook, ReverbNation, Youtube (Where you can see some of my BRILLIANT video skillz... O_o), and their Sign Me To profile, a site run by Roadrunner Records in order for bands to have the chance to be heard and discovered!

December 8th, 2011, they peaked on the Sign Me To rock charts at number 1 and on January 3rd, P.D Freeman over at Road Runner wrote, in his "Who Charted?" article (,

I've been listening to the two albums recorded by criminally underrated/forgotten East Coast stoner rockers Core a lot lately (Revival, from 1996; The Hustle is On, from 1999; go find 'em), and Pennsylvania's Crobot remind me of those guys quite a bit. They've got all the right ingredients: booming, groove-oriented guitar riffs, high-pitched Wolfmother-esque vocals, and drumming like someone slamming a car trunk lid on your skull, over and over again. They've got swing, and power, and a tiny bit of psychedelia thrown into the mix, and they're worth your time. I bet they're great live, too. Give 'em a listen.

Also, for fun... I will include this more recent interview with Bishop for

Alright, that's enough praise and promotion for now, methinks.


Brandon, the frontman for the band, does this really interesting thing when they play... he tends to often gravitate towards a certain persona type, which he commits to for the entirety of the show that they're playing.

Towards the end of 2011, what the boys liked to refer to as his "evangelical" or "preacher" persona, came out at a couple of shows.  I got lucky and the NYE gig was one of 'em!

So... I bring to you... Pastor Brandon Yeagley, backed by the Dirty-Faced Brethren, preaching about the legend of the space-born killer, that is the CROBOT!!!!

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