April P. | The 2-post set | Includes the remastered "Punk Rock Shoot" edition!

Huwhaat? Yeah.

So once upon a time, I was going through my website... deleting proofing galleries and whatnot... and after my website asked me SEVERAL TIMES to confirm the deletion of... what I was deleting... I suddenly ate my heart after I yelled at it and said, "YES, ALREADY!  JUST DO IT!" and hit the final button.


Because I had deleted April's BLOG POSTS... not her no-longer needed proofing gallery.

::smacks forehead::

That was the end of me titling blogs and galleries too similarly.


This is what we're gonna do...

Because April is amazing... I'm going to give her back the lost blog entries, PLUS... a new one.

Rock 'n Roll

Back in August, before I set out for the first leg of the tour, I got a call from makeup artist, Desiree Fritz, about a model she wanted to do a punk-rock inspired shoot with.  Excited to get one last one in before I was shipped off for a month, I agreed to do the shoot, and that's where I met April!

It was a ton of fun getting ready for the shoot.  There was a lot of fun conversation... and as I recall delicious bagels!

Desiree worked on April's punky look while we conversed and talked about our plans for the shoot once we got to the location.

The shoot itself was a blast!  We were under a bit of a time constraint that day, however, we were able to still have a relaxing, fun shoot, and got some great shots in the process!  It also helps that April is a great model and doesn't need much direction.

And yes... the watermarks say "Emily Rose Photography", as this shoot was done *before* the name change, haha.  Don't get confused.  It's STILL "Emily McGonigle Photography" ;)

Makeup Artist:  Desiree M. Fritz

Model:  April Piazza

Sassy Boudoir Preview

This past Saturday, April and I got together once again, but for something a little different.  We ended up doing an impromptu Boudoir session.  I always enjoy working with April, and this session was no different!

I went to her home to do the session, and while unfortunately we lost the day light before we began shooting (like I said, it was impromptu, so we started later than we should have as far as window light is concerned), we still got some really great images from her session!

April also had 3 adorable cats... ALL of which wanted to be a model at one point or another, haha!  Ava, her little girl, managed to jump in for a few shots before we had to gently escort her off the premises...

I absolutely can't wait to start editing the images from this session!  Keep an eye out for the final images coming soon!  ^_^

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