Nashville Wedding | Part 1

Hey there folks!  Nice to see you again! Well I said last time that I had some images to share with you from a wedding I third shot with Myrick Cowart, and I'm finally here to share them with you!

For those of you unaware of what I mean by "third shot"... I mean I was the third shooter... and by THAT, I mean... Well let me explain it this way.

Myrick, is the main photographer.  He gets all the important stuff.  He's the one the brides are hiring for their big, fantabulous day.  Then there's the second shooter, which, the day I shot, was Brandi Maclaren.  She gets all the important stuff from a different angle.  And then there's me... who didn't really NEED to be there, but Myrick was kind enough to let me tag along for the experience, so I *also* got images from a different angle.

I mean, there's a little more complexity to it than that, but that's the simple explanation, haha.

So anyway... the first part of the wedding I'm going to show you are the pre-ceremony and ceremony images.  The reception images will come later... I didn't want the blog to get TOO long... It's going to be long enough as it is.  XD

The day of the wedding it was a super gorgeous, warm, bright and sunny day.

For a lot of the portraits, Myrick was using lighting that my camera wasn't connected to (only one camera at a time can work with lighting), so while he was doing that, Brandi and I got our images using available light.

What I love about Myrick's work is that he DOES use a light, which lends to some cool drama and moodiness in his images.  I mean, seriously, if you haven't clicked one of the two links above to his work... you REALLY. need. to go. check it out.  It's very cool!

But with that being said, as I was explaining that I was shooting with available light, which meant fighting against the hard sunlight and squeezing every last drop of light out of the available light in the indoor venue.  It was actually a lot of fun :D

And before I show you all a handful of my favorites from the day, I just wanted to once again, thank Myrick Cowart for allowing me to tag along for the day and for explaining some of the cool things he was doing!

Now... here they are!

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