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About 2 or so months ago, I was minding my own business, multi-tasking between editing and surfing the Book of Faces, when suddenly a little red notification popped up, informing me that Alexa Poletti had posted to my wall. What she had posted to my wall was a very enthusiastic cry of, "Oh why must you live so far away!  I want to shoot with you!!!"

Little did she know, I had been wanting to shoot with *her* for a long while now, so I immediately replied with, "Psh... 3 hours?  That's not *that* far... Let's make it happen!!"

And we did.

Nashville Portrait Photography, Tennessee, Alexa Poletti, Model Photography

One Sunday, in the beginning of January, I made the 3 hour trek down to Washington D.C. to meet the wonderful Alexa Poletti and do an AWESOME shoot in the thick fog that the weather decided to gift us that day.

The fog was so thick driving down to D.C., that when I crossed over a long bridge that ran over the river, it felt like I was flying in the air, because all I could see around my car were clouds.  It was at that moment I realized how epic it would be if the fog kept up throughout our shoot, and I was hoping with all my might it wouldn't dissipate by the time I arrived.

By the time I got into D.C., the fog had indeed seemed to have lifted, replaced only by cloudy skies and mist.  But, much to my delight, Alexa informed me that the locations that she had previously scouted out were close to a river, so there would probably be plenty of fog for us to play in!

And BOY did we get to play in some fog!!

Nashville Portrait Photography, Tennessee, Alexa Poletti, Model Photography

It was a TON of fun shooting with Alexa!  It turns out that we have a decent amount in common, and our sense of humors are right on par with each other, so it made for some pretty fun and interesting conversation while we shot.

We did a handful of different looks that day.  The first bunch were variations of 2 different, edgy, rock looks that Alexa put together, and the 3rd was a fun, casual look.  Alexa did all of the styling, and I'd say she did a pretty darn good job!  Not only is she a fabulous model, and great at putting a look together, but she's *also* an awesome photographer!  Be sure to check out her work!

Nashville Portrait Photography, Tennessee, Alexa Poletti, Model Photography

Now, as most of you are probably well aware by this point, my husband and I JUST moved to Nashville, Tn!  We've officially been here 7 days, and I love our little house and I am excited to see what the future holds for us here!  That being said, the past 7 days have been nothing but moving, unpacking, unpacking... moving... unpacking... cleaning... unpacking... cleaning.............. unpacking........................

I started to go through photography withdrawal!  HAHA!

Finally, today I sat down and busted out some work that had been put on hold due to the move, and I managed to pull one of the images from Alexa's shoot that I particularly love.

Now, when you see this one again later, it may look a bit different.  I found myself playing around in Photoshop earlier this evening with different looks.  It's fun to experiment from time to time to see what I can come up with, and I ended up creating something that I think works pretty well with, at least the portion of the shoot that this image is from, however, I don't know if I'm 100% sold on it yet.

SO... rather than posting my experiments and then changing my mind when I wake up and come back to see this with fresh eyes tomorrow, (Today, by the time you all are reading this, since it is currently 4:38am... ) I decided that I would just give you a "clean edit" preview of this shot.

I may decide to keep it this way... I may decide to go crazy... who knows?!

I'm terribly unpredictable. ;)

But in any case, here is one of my favorite shots from the first part of the day with Alexa!!

Nashville Portrait Photography, Tennessee, Alexa Poletti, Model Photography

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