Senior Photography | Caroline Grace Gladden

Senior model Caroline Grace Gladden reached out to me about the possibility of doing a photo shoot together.  Well she had great timing, because I had just been thinking to myself that I wanted to do a senior photography style shoot. After much planning and schedule syncing, the team finally pin pointed a day that would work for all of us.  Originally, the plan was to shoot on location, however as Nashville weather would have it, rain was in the forecast for the entire weekend.  SOOOO... It was time for plan B.

Sunday May 5th came and I had everyone meet me at my house.  At this point, I have to pause a moment an give a shout out to my friend Lindsey Baylor. She came early to help me set up, she assisted with the shoot, she took the behind the scenes photos you will see in this post and she was responsible for wardrobe.  She is amazing and I can't thank her enough!

Anyway, once everyone arrived, we set up a makeup station for the wonderful Alexis Phoenix Faith to work her makeup magic.  Once she was finished, the fabulous Glynnis Garcia of GG Hair Designs got to work on Caroline's hair.  While that was happening, Lindsey went to work taking photos and putting together the first look, while I made the team some coffee and did some behind the scenes videoing (the results of which you unfortunately will not see, because it was my first attempt at doing such at thing, and I just simply did not get enough footage to turn it into anything long enough to even be considered a BTS video.  Haha.)

Oh yeah... And let us not forget about how I almost destroyed the backdrop before we even got a chance to start shooting... Whoops.

See, my husband and I acquired a roll of newsprint, which was sitting in its normal spot behind the backdrop, which was obstructing one of the walkway from my kitchen to my living room.  I went behind the backdrop in an attempt to retrieve something (I don't even remember WHAT at this point), and I unknowingly knocked the newsprint (which isn't that light) off balance, and it fell into the backdrop, RIPPED it down... And I nearly had a heart attack until I realized the ripping sound was just the paper coming undone from the wall, but luckily there were no tears in the paper itself.  So some wrinkles and a few knocked over books later, we got the backdrop hung once again and we were back in business!

Hey.  Stuff happens.  Haha.

So we did some studio work for the first look.  Then for the second look, we actually went outside and did some fun stuff out by tree covered in vines, accompanied with a little overgrown grass.

All and all, the shoot was great, my team was great and the model was fabulous!

Have a look for yourself!

[All behind the scenes Photos by Lindsey Baylor]

Senior Photography, Nashville, Emily McGonigle Photography, Caroline Grace Gladden
Senior Photography, Nashville, Emily McGonigle Photography, Caroline Grace Gladden

And for a quick, clean-edit sneak peak of one of the shots from the shoot:

Senior Photography, Nashville, Emily McGonigle Photography, Caroline Grace Gladden

Stay tuned for the rest (you know... once I get done culling them, because there were SO MANY fabulous ones, it's hard to choose!)

CREDITS: Model | Caroline Grace Gladden

Hair | Glynnis Garcia | GG Hair Designs

Makeup | Alexis Phoenix Faith

Wardrobe | Lindsey Baylor

Behind the Scenes photos | Lindsey Baylor

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