Beauty After The Storm

If you live in, or anywhere near Nashville, you are probably pretty familiar with all the rain and storms we've been dealing with for the past week.

Well, on Saturday, I second shot a wedding (i.e. was the assistant and second photographer to the main photographer at a wedding) with Matthew Simmons, in Woodbury, Tennessee. The whole day was beautiful, although definitely a bit warm and muggy. There was a chance of rain in the forecast, but it held off for the entire day, which was great, despite my iPhone going off in my pocket, telling me of tornado watches.

Right as we left for the evening, the "scary" clouds started coming in, threatening rain and a possible storm, but by that time everything was over and it didn't matter anymore.

On the drive home, at one point, we were driving under clouds that Matt thought were cool... and *I* thought were eery, haha. They were floating closer to the ground than either of us were ever used to seeing, and they weren't that typical flat grey color most storm clouds are. They had this smooth blue tint to them. It's kind of hard to describe, but unfortunately, I hadn't thought to grab my camera at this point.

As we kept driving, I kept looking around, looking at clouds, half out of wonder, half out of nervousness, when out of nowhere we hit this supremely beautiful red and blue sky.

I mean, it was unreal. I have never in my life, ever seen anything so magnificent.  Matt and I watched it for a while, just marveling at the vibrancy of the colors and how smooth the gradient was between the reds and blues, but it wasn't until the colors started to recede that I remembered, "Oh yeah... I have a camera in the back trunk."

Luckily, Matthew's car is a hatch-back, so I unbuckled, hopped back to the trunk to pull my camera out, and made my way back to my seat in the front.

This is just a little bit of what we experienced the other day.

I honestly don't think this does it any kind of justice, and it was most definitely a "You had to be there" kind of moment, but this will give you at least an idea of what we saw.