Senior Portrait Throwback - Anna Leigh Campbell | Emily McGonigle Photography

Hey all! I’m back with another Senior Portrait throw back!

It’s finally warm (maybe even hot) outside, and now that school is out, it’s also time to get serious about scheduling your sessions. SO… I thought I would share a session that makes use of some water (gotta stay cool on those sessions, right?) and the gorgeous sunlight!

Enter: Anna Leigh Campbell! ❤

Anna Leigh was a senior at Franklin High School and graduated in 2018. I actually had the pleasure of photographing her sister, Kathryn Campbell, a few years prior for her senior portrait session!

For Anna Leigh’s session, we started off cool, in a shallow creek with pretty flooding in through the trees.


After we finished up in the water, the sun on the path to our next spot was just SO PERFECT, that I stopped, picked a few flowers, had my hair and makeup artist add them to Anna Leigh’s hair, and we made some backlit portraits.


And of course… What’s a summertime senior portrait session without the staple field with tall grass, right?


We finished out Anna Leigh’s session in front of an old house with pretty columns, and of course… gorgeous setting sunlight to light her with.


Lovely, right?!

Anna Leigh’s hair and makeup was done by the very talented Katrina Brooks.

Class of 2020, have you scheduled YOUR senior portrait session yet? Better do it soon! Time is ticking!

To get information and book your session, be sure to visit the Contact page and give me a shout!


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Senior Portrait Throwback - Savannah Lingle | Emily McGonigle Photography

I’m just going to keep saying this until I’m caught up: I CAN’T BELIEVE I NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT THIS SESSION.

I need 3 of me; One of me specifically to handle blogging and social media, because I was NOT GOOD at keeping up with that over the past year, haha.

Okay, so… here we are with a look at Savannah Lingle’s Senior Portrait session! I blogged about her senior model session a long time ago, and I blogged about the behind the scenes of this session, but I never actually posted the final images….

Savannah’s session was one of my favorite senior portraits that year (and the year was 2017, you saw that correctly in the above blog posts… 😅). The weather was gorgeous and this girl is NOT camera shy.


Savannah actually has bit of experience with photography, as she’s a photographer herself! She graduated high school to go on to attend Nōssi College of Art and pursue her photography career!


We got really lucky during Savannah’s session and found some G O R G E O U S sunlight towards the end of it!


So there you have it! Savannah Lingle’s senior portrait session! :)

The weather is finally nice, so start booking your sessions before it gets too hot and sweaty (or worse yet… I get booked up!) And remember, if you’re in the class of 2020, there are just a couple weeks left of the promotion to save $300 off your product order! You have to schedule your session before May 31st in order to qualify, so don’t wait!


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Senior Portrait Throwback - Kyli Barr | Emily McGonigle Photography

WOW, so I sat down to blog, and I thought to myself, “There are A LOT of sessions I haven’t blogged about yet… I wonder where I last left off…”


SO. 👏🏻 LONG. 👏🏻 AGO. 👏🏻

These images deserve to see the light of day, fam. THEY DESERVE TO LIVE!!! So I’ve decided that I am going to start blogging Senior Portrait Throwbacks! [Insert airhorn sound and confetti drops]

So we start with Kyli Barr!


Kyli is a radiant young lady who just exudes joy and happiness. She’s got the greatest smile and so much personality! She is a graduate of Ravenwood High School and now attends University of Tennessee.


When Kyli first came to me, she had a ton of ideas for her session and was excited to share them all with me. I LOVE when students are involved. The more involved in the initial planning a student is, the better their session turns out. FACTS.


Kyli built a great mood board for her session that helped me visualize exactly what she was envisioning for her session. She also wanted to get her favorite little blue buggy involved in the session, which I was excited to do!

CV9B9462 1.jpg

The best part was that not only was the session planned really well, but the SUN cooperated with us beautifully! We found a rooftop to do some photos on with Kyli’s car and they turned out simply GORGEOUS.

CV9B0258 1.jpg
CV9B0158 1.jpg

The last look that Kyli wanted to do, ended with an “Exit” sign that she wanted a photo with. Why? Because she was EXITing her senior year of high school into college and adulthood, obviously! ;)


Thanks for taking this lovely trip down memory lane with me! I’m looking forward to sharing more of my shoots from the recent past!


If you are in the class of 2020, don’t forget to book your session now to save $300! Shoot me an email via the contact me page!


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Senior Style Guide: 2018 Hot 100 Recipient | Emily McGonigle Photography

Wow. It’s almost been a year. That’s TOO DANG LONG since my last blog post. 🤣 Well, good news. I have A LOT of blogging content to catch up on, so it’s about to get a lot more active.

The first thing I want to start with is the fact that, for the third year in a row, I received a spot on the Senior Style Guide: Hot 100 list! This year I placed in the black and white category. Not only do I want to share the winning image with you all, but I also want to share all the images I entered into the contest.


Entered into the ‘Backlit’ category:


Entered into Black & White:


Entered into the ‘Organic’ category:


Entered into the ‘Studio’ category:


Entered into the ‘Urban’ category:


The winning image was… (insert drumroll)


…this awesome black and white portrait I made from Marisa Sandoval’s senior portrait session! 🙌🏻

Thank you to ALL of my clients from 2018 (and before)! I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you all, and I’m looking forward to working with some of you again, as well as making new friends this year!

And SPEAKING OF WHICH… I am NOW BOOKING THE CLASS OF 2020! It’s never too early to start thinking about booking your senior portrait session, so be sure to drop me a line and schedule your consultation today!


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Senior Portrait - Kade Herndon | Emily McGonigle Photography

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today I bring to you images from the handsome Kade Herndon's senior portrait session!

This session was done back in warm, humid days of August, but Kade definitely didn't let that phase him, as he got his model on!


We did several different looks for Kade that day, including one in his favorite hoodie. Like I said, he wasn't about to let the warm weather stop him from rocking his shoot!


We also got one with nature for one of Kade's looks!


And of course, we couldn't do a senior portrait session without incorporating Kade's love for playing baseball!


And there you have it! Kade Herndon's senior portrait session! Didn't he rock that?! Don't forget to leave him some love below!

Thank you to Kenzie Leath who did a wonderful job on Kade's hair and makeup!

Also, just a heads up to all the readers in the glass of 2019, you have TWO WEEKS LEFT to apply to be a senior model this year! Be sure to visit the Senior Model Program page for more information and to apply!


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Senior Portrait - Hayden Schreur | Emily McGonigle Photography

A few months back (isn't it insane that it's almost March already?!) I had the pleasure of working with the very handsome Hayden Schreur on his senior portrait session. Hayden has a very diverse set of interest which include playing drums, playing piano, and longboarding. We decided to use the last two activities as things to incorporate into his session.

Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait1763.jpg

Before Hayden's session, I called a few places and Seale Keywords in Franklin was kind enough to let us crash their showroom for a little bit to take some photos of Hayden, surrounded by beautiful grand pianos.

After we finished at Seale, we headed back to the studio (to the back of the studio, that is) for some longboarding awesomeness.


After we finished playing with the gorgeous light outside, we headed back indoors for some moody GQ-esque shots, of Hayden looking super daper.

Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait1877.jpg
Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait1963.jpg
Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait2028.jpg
Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait2066.jpg
Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait2072.jpg
Hayden Scheuer Senior Portrait2085.jpg

How handsome is this kid, am I right?! Don't forget to leave Hayden some love below!

Special thanks to Kenzie Leath for doing a killer job on his hair and makeup, and again to Seale Keywords for letting us take over the showroom! ♡ 


Emily McGonigle Photography is a Franklin and Nashville Senior Portrait Photographer, and can be contacted for booking inquiries here.

Senior Portrait - Courtney Watkins | Emily McGonigle Photography

Hey everyone! I'm back again today to share with you, some senior portrait images I made with the lovely Courtney Watkins! 

Courtney has an awesome sense of style and a great look to go with it! She was super comfortable in front of the camera, which made her incredibly easy to work with. We did several different looks for Courtney's studio session. We played with different fashion elements as well as some creative (and colorful) lighting.

Check out some of the final images from Courtney's senior portrait session!

Courtney Watkins_0813170939.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171035.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171213.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171225.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171277.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171251 2.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171285.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171509.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171521.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171526.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171562.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171606.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171575.jpg

Don't forget to leave Courtney some love below! 

Special thanks to Katrina Brooks for doing such a fabulous job on Courtney's hair and makeup!

Until next time! ♡ 


Emily McGonigle Photography is a Franklin and Nashville Senior Portrait Photographer, and can be contacted for booking inquiries here.

Senior Portrait - Anna Leigh Campbell | Emily McGonigle Photography

Happy 2018 everyone! 

Today I thought I'd take a break from my normal routine to share another senior portrait session I did during the summer last year. Today's blog post features the very lovely Anna-Leigh Campbell! Anna-Leigh is super sweet, has a radiant smile, and has a heart of gold.

Anna-Leigh was also one of my senior models for 2017, so I got to work with her prior to this session, on her senior model shoot! For her senior portrait session, she wanted to do something outside, with a lot of nature. Not only did we find just that, but the sun was on our side that day and gave us the most GORGEOUS light.

Check out some of the final photos from Anna-Leigh's senior portriat session!


Don't forget to leave Anna-Leigh some love below! 

And speaking of senior models... the 2018 Senior Model program is NOW OPEN! If you are in the class of 2019 and are interested in becoming a senior model, visit my Senior Model Program page for more information and to apply!

Special thanks to Katrina Brooks for doing such a fabulous job on Anna-Leigh's hair and makeup!

Until next time, fam! whiteheart


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Behind the Scenes Senior Portrait - Kade Herndon | Emily McGonigle Photography

As you may have noticed, I've been particularly terrible at keeping up with my blog and social media accounts. (I know, I know, I keep saying that -- IT'S TRUE THOUGH). This is entirely due to having left my day job in May and getting readjusted with my new work/life balance (which you would THINK means I have MORE time to blog and dedicate effort to social media, but surprisingly, it meant the opposite. 😅)

ANYWAY... my lovely intern, Kyli Barr, took some BTS photos for me of one of my client's senior portrait sessions. She's an aspiring photographer (duh, that's why she's my intern), so I gave her an assignment to take photos and write a BTS blog for me. She's had this written and ready to go since September 5th, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. Still... I wanted it to be seen.

So, enjoy this blog post written, laid out, and photographed by Kyli Barr! :)




Hey guys! Hope y'all had a great weekend, I'm Kyli Barr, Emily's guest blogger! Ive been her intern over the past couple of months, as well as one of her senior models!

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Kade Herndon, one of Emily's senior models! We used our girl, Kenzie Leath for hair and makeup! 



For Kade's Senior Portrait shoot, we took the grand tour of Franklin! Starting in Downtown Franklin for some urban shots, moving to Pinkerton, and ending our day at the Baseball fields!

We had a great time on Kade's session. His mom tagged along, who was a pleasure to sit and chat with during some down time. She was a delight! 


Ending our day on the fields was a lot of fun, we got to see Kade in his element. 

Me too, Kenzie, me too.

Me too, Kenzie, me too.



Great job Kyli! This kid is doing things, I'm telling you. She just picked up her first camera while interning with me and she's already taking off. Check her out at and watch her grow into an awesome artist of her own!

And of course, I didn't forget... the traditional "end of the BTS blog post sneak peek photo":



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Senior Style Guide Image Reveal

Hey everyone! I got my copy of the 2017 Senior Style Guide Hot 100 issue and I finally know which image gained me placement on this years list for the editorial category!

Watch the video below to find out! :)

Thank you again to all of my wonderful clients for their support and willingness to do cool stuff!

Emily McGonigle Photography is a Franklin and Nashville Senior Portrait Photographer, and can be contacted for booking inquiries here.