I Got My First Fix...

So anyone who really knows me, knows how easily frustrated I get with shopping. I used to really enjoy it, and at some point along the way, it really stopped being fun. Once in a while I'll get the bug to go shopping (which is then usually quickly squashed by frustration while in the dressing room, haha), but for the most part I'm not into it anymore. Which is a shame... because like any girl, I like to look good and wear stuff that makes me feel good about myself. But it's hard to find those things, if you don't go looking for them...

About a month ago, I had exclaimed to my husband that I wish I could just hire a personal shopper and not worry about finding stuff. I just wanted someone to bring me a pile of clothing that they thought would look good on me, and tell me what to try on.

Enter: StitchFix

It's a website that I found (I think the creepy Facebook Ad people shoved it through my newsfeed, actually), that allows you to fill out a profile and then someone sends you 5 articles of clothing (or accessories), based on your profile, for you to try on.

You keep what you like, you send back what you don't.

I toyed with the idea for a while, and ultimately decided against it, because I was convinced that nothing would fit me properly anyway, since it's so hard for me to find clothing that fits on my own. But then, one day last month, I was in an adventurous mood, and I decided to give it a try.

Yesterday I got my first fix in the mail and this is what I found:


When you order your first fix, they have you fill out comments to your stylist. I had mentioned how I was looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding that I was second shooting. I wanted something that would be cute, but appropriate and easy to work in. I also mentioned how I was lacking in cute casual blouses.

I ended up finding a dress for the wedding before I got my first fix, but... the fact that my stylist was very obviously reading what I wrote, and looking for pieces specifically for those things, is pretty cool.

So what was in my box?

I'll show you!

This first piece she sent me is the Duke V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse by 41Hawthorn:


I love the neckline, the color, and the bust on that one, but I'm kind of unsure about how the rest of it falls on me.

I tried it on with a belt, but I'm still not sure about it, haha.

The next piece I tried on was the Harlow Contrast Trim V-Neck Silk Blouse, by Daniel Rainn:

This one was just a resounding "Nope" for me. Haha. The way that it fits kind of reminds me of wearing scrubs. I like the neckline of this one, but that's about it. There was no sitting on the fence with this, haha.

The next blouse is the Bynes Houndstooth Faux Leather Detail Blouse by Eight Sixty:


This one is shaped similarly to the 41Hawthorn blouse, but for some reason I feel like it fits a little better. Maybe it's the pattern (that's what my husband suggests), maybe it really is cut a little better... or maybe it's just in my head, haha. Either way, I like this one.

And it looks cute with a belt!

Now,  the first dress she sent me was the Arian Ruffle Front Elastic Waist Dress by Papermoon, and I wish I could say that my legs aren't really that pale and bruised... but... I can't. Because that would be an utter, boldfaced lie (I mean, maybe *some* of it is from the light coming through the back door, but... I mean, they're pretty pale, and I'm not invested enough to actually edit these, haha):

I really *wanted* to like this dress... but in the end, the elastic faux rope belt sat too far down on my waist, pinching the dress in such a way that it ends up looking a little frumpy on me, I think. I feel like if the "belt" was positioned a little higher, I would have been sold on this one.

But the SECOND dress she sent me...:


...had me super impressed over the fact that it fit my waist PERFECTLY. It's super hard for me to find anything that fits that well, let alone a dress. I thought it was adorable!

On top of fitting well, it is made of a 90% polyester, 10% cotton blend, so it's a little "heavier" which will be great for the fall and winter. And it has front pockets, so if I ever want to wear it to second shoot, I have a great place to stash SD cards and lens caps, until I can make it back to my camera bag, haha.

The only thing that threw me off for a moment was the neckline. It's a little higher than I usually wear, but in the end I decided that it was adorable, and that pairing it with a cute, fuller, necklace, might give it that little bit of extra flair. I'm 90% sure I'm counting this one as a win.

All in all, there were 2 pieces I really liked from this Fix, which is 2 pieces more than I anticipated, so that's pretty awesome!

I do have another day to decide what I want to keep and send back. Sometimes I think things look good on me that don't, and other times I think things that don't look good on me do, and it just takes me a moment to warm up to it, so I would LOVE your feedback!

What do you think? Which pieces are your favorite? Which do you think I should keep and which should I send back? (And be honest! I can use all the help I can get!! ;) )

Leave your comments below!

Oh... and if you want to try StichFix for *yourself*, click this link to get started!!

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