Behind the Scenes Portrait - Rebekah Beaty | Emily McGonigle Photography

OH MAN, you guys. It’s time for another BTS blog post. I bet you’re excited!


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of photographing portraits of Rebekah Beaty, in celebration of her turning 16! That’s a big deal, y’all. Do you remember turning 16? I do… I had a fancy dress and everything! Everything except… a photo shoot. I thought that was a pretty rad idea to celebrate the big one-six with a photoshoot.


When I met with Rebekah, I could tell that she was a very fashionable girl. Her parents own a well-known chain of shoe stores in the area so, of course, she had a great shoe selection and a fabulous grasp of what it meant to be fashionable. When I asked Rebekah how she would describe her style, she told me that she was anywhere in between "skater-girl" style and a more elegant, girly type of style. She’s my kind of girl!


I was also really excited when she told me she would be down for a more urban setting for her portraits. I’ve been shooting a lot of nature and country-type settings lately, so it was a welcome change of pace!


Not only is Rebekah a fashionista, but she is a musician as well. She plays the cello, which we incorporated into some of her photos, and also piano.

Rebekah also let me in on a little secret: She’s a huge fan of Taco Bell… to the point that we were going to try and incorporate it into a shot or two, but the contents of her Taco Bell bag never made it quite that far.


Rebekah was great to work with. She was comfortable in front of the camera, had a great smile, and was just a lot of fun. Also, hers was the first session in a very long time where I’ve entertained the idea of monochrome images. I always realize after the fact when an image might look good in black and white, but for some reason as I was culling and flipping through her images, I was able to see right away which images would look beautiful converted over from color.

Take a look at this sneak peek image from Rebekah’s session! Leave her some love in the comments, and keep an eye out for the rest of the finished images coming later!


Special thank you to Katie Vellman for her awesome work with Rebekah’s hair and makeup and to Matthew Simmons for assisting me on this session!


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