Behind the Scenes Child Portrait - Desi Robinson | Emily McGonigle Photography

A few months ago Matthew Simmons and I teamed up again to work with our favorite tiny person, Desi Robinson. You may remember Desi from the images I posted of her last year, the first time we got to work with her.

The first time Matthew and I photographed Desi, we were in the studio. This year, we decided to take her on-location and style the shoot a little more.

The fabulous Ashley Stevens was on this shoot with us to do Desi's hair and makeup. I generally have my clients meet me at the studio to get ready for their shoots, however, we had limited time at our location, and wanting to make things as efficient as possible, we met at my home to do Desi's hair and makeup.


I remember the first time we worked with Desi, she was super shy and quiet. This time around, she was a lot more open, talkative, and we even had some running jokes going throughout the day. It was so awesome to see her real energy coming through!

Just like the first time we worked with her, Desi KILLED IT in front of the camera, with very little effort. She is a natural. It truly amazes me.

See for yourself. Here is one of many finished images to come, from our shoot together:


And of course, after we were done, we all went out for pizza to celebrate an awesome shoot. Desi and I got some awesome bonding time in that day, between shooting, pizza, and post-pizza hot-chocolate. She's such a fun, awesome kid. I can't wait to work with her again!


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