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Meet Erin and Project Maganda

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work with Erin Oquindo, who is an amazingly talented and ambitious high school student. She runs a multi-faceted blog called Project Maganda, which centers largely around fashion, but includes elements of musical recommendations and reviews, and is also home to Erin’s “Project Real”.

Project Real is photo series dedicated to promoting body image positivity, and challenges close-minded societal standards of what “beauty” is. The mission statement of Project Maganda is:

Project Maganda is a blog dedicated to encouraging self love, challenging the standardized image of beauty in the media, and showcasing underrepresented people groups such as people of color, plus size individuals, and people of varying sexualities and gender identifications.

Project Real embodies that mission statement to it’s core.

As soon as I found out what Erin was doing to help make a positive impact in the lives of young people, I knew I wanted to get connected with her. I love fashion photography, but like her, I also believe in lifting people up and celebrating their beauty, no matter their age, size, ethnicity or any of the other barriers our culture puts in place to define what makes a person beautiful.

I decided to team up with Erin to help create a Senior Portrait promotional video, because of all of the things she’s doing to make a positive impact in the world around her, and for the message she’s spreading of self-love and acceptance.

Erin is a bright, passionate, fun young woman, and it was such a pleasure getting to work with her on a project of my own. 

And with that, I would like to introduce what she and a few others worked so hard on a few months ago!

Studio Portraits: Not Just For the Yearbook

Some clients are hesitant to have their senior portraits done in-studio, because they’re fearful of ending up with static “yearbook-like” photos, but that’s totally not what I’m about. Each session is tailored to my clients, built around their personality, style, and vision for their shoot. The only way one of my clients will walk away from a studio session with “yearbook-type” photos is if that’s what they ask for. ;) Otherwise… we’re gonna rock out your style, hair and makeup, and personality just like we did with Erin!

The Video

The Photos

Behind the Scenes

Final Images


Of course, I still love shooting on-location as well, but if you do choose to have your session done in-studio, you’re going to come away from it feeling 100% #modelstatus!

Senior Model Program

I’d also like to now take the opportunity to announce that I am officially looking for Senior Models to represent my brand for 2016! If you are interested in becoming a representative for Emily McGonigle Photography, head over to the Senior Model Application page for more information and to apply.

Of course if you’d simply just like to book a Senior Portrait Session, you can totally do that as well! Head over to the Contact page to submit a message to me and get started.

Final Credits

And now to give credit, where credit is due:

I’d like to thank the lovely Jamie Morales, who flew out from LA (and I’m so excited to say that she now lives here in Nashville) to help me film this promo video. Special thank to Ashley Stevens as well, who was responsible for Erin’s fabulous hair and makeup. And of course, thanks to Erin for being such an inspiration to young people everywhere! :)

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