Behind the Scenes Senior Portrait - Taylor Grimes | Emily McGonigle Photography

Well summer just flew by, didn't it?! It's already September. Can you believe it? I certainly can't... But lets go ahead and re-wind back a few weeks into summer, so I can tell you about Taylor's senior portrait session. 

Taylor's session is a story of typical Nashville weather unpredictability. One minute it's bright and sunny, then you blink, and all of a sudden there's a tornado headed your way. Okay, so it wasn't quite *that* dramatic, but it was close...


The day we had Taylor's session scheduled, the weather was shifting around a lot. It was calling for storms at exactly the time we should have been arriving at her location. But, I wasn't sure whether or not to reschedule, because during the time I was attempting to make that call, it was bright, sunny, and beautiful outside. After watching the hourly forecast, I finally called Taylor's mother and decided that I didn't want to chance it. She agreed, so we went ahead and rescheduled Taylor's session. And it's a good thing we did, because right on cue, a bad storm rolled in that would have wrecked the whole session.

The day we *actually* had Taylor's session, there was no rain in the forecast... or so I thought. It wasn't until we were 3/4ths of the way through with Taylor's makeover with Katrina Brooks, that we heard it: A torrential downpour on the roof of the studio.

We decided to wait it out and see what would happen, keeping our eye on the radar as we did. We eventually realized that the storm was going to clear in Franklin, but was going to just BARELY be hitting the location we were planning on doing Taylor's shoot at, in Nashville. We made a last minute decision to change the location and stay in Franklin.

I called Matthew, who was assisting me that day, and asked him to head down from Nashville to meet us at the studio. From there, we went across the road to Harlinsdale Farm. The weather ended up not only clearing up, but the sun eventually came out, which was pretty awesome.

Even though we had to make a lot of last minute changes and decisions, none of us let that throw off our game. The whole team rolled with the punches and we got some really awesome photos of Taylor!

Check out this gorgeous sneak peek image from the beginning of our session:


Thank you to Katrina Brooks ( for doing such an amazing job with Taylor's hair and makeup, to Matthew Simmons for being a boss assistant and making the last minute trek down to Franklin for this session, and to Taylor and her mother for being amazing clients, and being willing to improvise when Mother Nature decided to throw us a curveball.

You are all super awesome!


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