Senior Portrait - Courtney Watkins | Emily McGonigle Photography

Hey everyone! I'm back again today to share with you, some senior portrait images I made with the lovely Courtney Watkins! 

Courtney has an awesome sense of style and a great look to go with it! She was super comfortable in front of the camera, which made her incredibly easy to work with. We did several different looks for Courtney's studio session. We played with different fashion elements as well as some creative (and colorful) lighting.

Check out some of the final images from Courtney's senior portrait session!

Courtney Watkins_0813170939.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171035.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171213.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171225.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171277.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171251 2.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171285.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171509.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171521.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171526.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171562.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171606.jpg
Courtney Watkins_0813171575.jpg

Don't forget to leave Courtney some love below! 

Special thanks to Katrina Brooks for doing such a fabulous job on Courtney's hair and makeup!

Until next time! โ™ก 


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