Let me take a #Selfie


Yeah. I went there.


I don't usually take a whole lot of selfies, and even more rare are self-portraits (You know... done with an *actual* camera, with *actual* lighting...). But recently, I found myself needing to set up some lights, and a camera on a tripod with a 10 second timer, in order to make an image for some marketing purposes. [SIDE NOTE: Keep an eye out for that very ad in the next week or two. I have something fun coming down the pipeline! Especially where you aspiring photographers are concerned. ;) ]

The image itself took two seconds to produce, so I decided if I was going to put forth all that effort, I might as well get something out of it.

So I DID get around to creating my marketing image, BUT FIRST...I took some #selfies. Haha!

Here is the image I eventually settled on at the end:


But even better than THAT one... is this fabulous "Awkward Family Photos" type image of my cat and I together:


Isn't that just the greatest?! LOOK AT HIS FACE. It's like he's staring off into the distance, longingly about all that was, and all that could be... or you know... just general cat stuff.

He's pretty hilarious. I think he knew what he was doing.

ANYWAY... I've got a fun announcement coming soon. So if you own a camera, keep an eye out, because it's for you!

Until next time!!


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