Kelsey Satterwhite - Senior Portraits | Emily McGonigle Photography

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Some of you may recall my behind the scenes post for Kelsey's session a little while back... WELP! The day is finally here, when I get to share with you some of the finished images from her session!!

We had a FABULOUS session that day, with Jessica Steingard helping out on hair and makeup. Despite being eaten alive by mosquitos (I had 16 bites, Kelsey had about the same, and Jessica and Matt go away with none, as I recall. Lucky. They're just not as sweet as Kelsey and I, clearly. Haha!), Kelsey rocked the HECK out of her session!

We did a bunch of looks for her that day, changing outfits several times, and changing her hair once in the middle of the session. We even got to do some fun "SNL" type images (as they were dubbed at Kelsey's Image Premier and Ordering Session this past week, haha) towards the end, which Kelsey *really* loves (as do I).

Have a look at some of our favorites, and leave Kelsey some love!


Pretty awesome, huh?

We had a TON of fun that day, creating Kelsey's images! If you'd like to have an awesome session of your own, be sure to contact me to schedule your pre-shoot consultation! If you'd like more information on senior portrait sessions, you can visit the About Senior Portraits page, or shoot me a message :)

Once again, I'd like to thank Jessica Steingard for all her help on Kelsey's session! She did a BEAUTIFUL JOB on Kelsey's hair and makeup, didn't she?! If you have any events coming up, for which you would like your own hair and makeup done, definitely contact Jessica! Her website can be found at:

Also, thank you to Matthew Simmons for helping me out on Kelsey's session as well!



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