Bria Lafayette - Portraits | Emily McGonigle Photography

The other day Bria, my friend Matt, and I got together to do an impromptu photo shoot. Matt and I got to our location early and walked around to scout out the spots where we wanted to photograph.

Bria, who is super nice and bubbly, met up with us a little later, ready to go, and we set out right away on our trek around the little circuit we had planned out.

At our first spot, we all got a little kick out of some of the people who drove by, who were very obviously tourists. They had the traditional, "I'm a tourist!" garb on, and were being carted around by one of the Nashville golf-cart shuttles. As they drove by, they seemed very curious as to what we were doing. The only thing that could have made it more entertaining would have been if they had inquired as to whether or not Bria was someone famous (which I've had asked of me before on photo shoots, haha).


We then walked to our next spot, but of course we couldn't get there without someone honking their horn as they drove by. People get excited when they see a pretty girl, and people following her around with cameras, I guess, haha.


The next spot we ended up at, was where the mosquitoes decided to pay us a visit. Bria and I were getting eaten up (story of my life), but Matt was fine, of course. Apparently Bria and I are just sweeter than he is, haha.

But regardless of the bugs, and the random raindrops that occurred, we pushed forward and did what we came to do.


It was also about that time that we were trying to figure out what to listen to. Anyone who photographs with me knows I don't like working in silence, haha. We were all wildly indecisive for a moment until Matt then suggested, "How about 'Nsync?" and Bria and I both enthusiastically agreed.

What was most funny about that, was the fact that foot traffic in that area started to pick up a bit, right after the 'Nsync playlist started, so everyone walking by got to witness us jamming out to 'Nsync. And the best part was that it wasn't even either of the girls' idea to play it!

It was awesome though. It really was. Haha!



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