Abi Brown - Behind the Scenes Senior Portrait | Emily McGonigle Photography

LET ME TELL YOU... How crazy this past week was.

It was nuts.

Earlier in the week, I went with my friend, Matthew Simmons, on one of his shoots to help him out. On his shoot, we ran into a handful of homeless people, just due to the nature of the location we were shooting at.

The first couple were nice. They were just curious about what we were doing... but the LAST guy... Oh man, that last guy...

He harassed and heckled us for the entire last portion of the shoot. He told us that the band looked stupid, and that the things we were doing were "pointless" because they weren't going to register on camera, and that Matt was a terrible photographer after looking over our shoulders at the back of his camera, while reviewing some images.

At one point he even picked up a railroad stake, which is about the time I got a little nervous, but luckily one of the other guys there was able to diffuse the situation.

Crazy, I tell you. Haha.

Then a few days later was my shoot with one of my Senior Models, Abi Brown!


Abi is a rising senior at Franklin High school, and she was a BLAST to work with. Our personalities meshed so well, it was like hanging out with a good friend, haha.


We like similar music, our sense of humor is right on par with each other, and she certainly never missed a beat when a good joke or playfully sarcastic remark was warranted.


And do you want to know the craziest part about all this? Remember the story I told you in the beginning of this post? Well, there was a reason I started off with that... and it was because, not only did we get approached during Matthew's shoot, but we got approached during Abi's... haha. The good news, though, is that particular person wasn't terrible to us, haha. He just wanted some change and told a long-winded story about a Greyhound bus. 

I actually never even interacted with him the first time around. Matt was wonderful and distracted him, taking him off to the side, and eventually gave him a bottle of water and sent him on his way.


After that happened, we went back to where we had parked our cars, so that Abi could change into her next outfit.

While we were waiting, our homeless friend came down the sidewalk and solicited us once again. Matt reminded him that he had JUST spoken to us up the street and around the corner. He seemed like he didn't believe us at first, but we kept reiterating that he had already spoken to us and that we still didn't have any cash, haha. Matt then offered our friend another bottle of water, but he had some choice words to say in response to that, haha.

Finally he left, and we were able to continue on with our shoot.


Overall, it was a fantastically fun day! It was hot, but not sticky, which was great, and Abi KILLED her shoot.

Here's a preview of one of my favorite images from the day!


Don't forget to leave Abi some love below!!

I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to Jessica Steingard, who is responsible for Abi's stunning hair and makeup! If you are ever in need of a hair or makeup artist, you should definitely get in contact with her! Her website can be found at : www.jessicasteingard.com

Also, thank you to my friend, Matthew Simmons, for helping to keep us entertained, and just being all-around awesome, when I needed a hand during Abi's session.


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