Modern Portrait - Ges Lorraine | Emily McGonigle Photography

A few weeks ago I posted a Behind the Scenes post about a shoot I did with Ges Lorraine. This shoot was especially fun for me, because I got to make another dress! You can see a little about how I made the dress (which is essentially made up of old thrift shirts I found, haha) in the BTS post.

The day started out super hectic after having to deal with my husband's driver's side window being shot out of his car in the morning (more about that in the BTS blog as well). But once I got to the studio things ran smoothly, thanks to the help of Ashley Stevens, who did a wonderful job on Ges's hair and makeup, and to Matthew Simmons, who had coffee ready, and helped me on set until it was his turn to photograph Ges.

I really wish I had more to say, but to be completely honest, I'm running on 3.5 hours of sleep, and my 3rd cup of coffee right now, so... I'm just gonna go ahead and share the finished images with you. 

Gesi Lorraine1439.jpg

After I was done with Ges, Matthew did a really cool set with her, for his personal series titled "Hull", in which he covers models in clay. He's still working on those images, but check out his blog to see his previous installments of "Hull", and keep an eye on it to see his work with Ges when it gets posted.

Thanks again to Ashley and Matthew for all their help... and to *Ges* for being fabulous!

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