Photography And Me In 2014

First blog post of 2014!! You may have noticed that I've been a little MIA lately...

...That's because life got a little hectic, and the learning curve in keeping up with my work/work/life balance was a little bit of a steep one. While I was able to keep up with work... and work... and life... fitting social media in there proved to be a little too much, so rather than stressing myself out about HAVING to post on my Facebook page, or HAVING to blog... I just didn't.

Probably not the best idea as far as online presence and SEO are concerned, but hey... I did what I had to do for the time being and now I'm back!

That being said, 2013 was an eventful year for me. I moved, with my husband and cat-child, to Nashville, networked, made friends, got a part time job working for the most awesome company in the world (Apple... No, you can't argue with me on that. I won't let you win. The Kool-Aid has been drunk ;) ), so Keith and I could keep up with our expenses after our savings account took a massive hit (read: is no longer in existence) after our move.  I made some pretty big adjustments to the way I do my business, I made new awesome and amazing senior portrait clients, I re-learned what retail during Christmas is like, I reflected a lot about what I want to be doing with my life and my photography business, as well as sorting out some personal photographic goals -- I mean... I did a lot. That may not sound like a lot... but there really was rarely a moment were I felt like I wasn't moving... It was kind of an exhausting year, haha. But don't get me wrong... it was a GOOD year.

And now we're 13 days into 2014 and moving forward.

There are still a lot of changes and improvements to be made, learning experiences to be had, and more awesomeness all around.

I haven't really been verbalizing what it is I have planed for myself and my business this year, but I assure you, I'm pretty excited about it all... no matter how big or how subtle it may be.

In a personal statement earlier this month I finally decided how I felt about the past year and the year going forward:

2013 was a year of adjustment. 2014 is going to be year of doing.

That's it. That's what I've decided.

So this year, I plan to return to learning lots more (not that I ever stopped learning, but there was certainly a slowdown period this year with everything going on), and I want to do more personal shoots. I want to take steps forward in making my business better all around, for my clients and for myself. There's a ton of things that need doing, and I can't wait to get to them. That being said... I also can't wait to implement a new time-management workflow that will allow me to balance my work/work/life a little bit more effectively. My clients will still get their product within the same amount of time... but I'll be able to spend more time with my husband... or my cat... or my friends... by the fire in the backyard... playing video games... reading... READING... oh man... I remember when I used to read... haha.

Anyway, it's gonna be a good year. I can feel it.

Keep an eye out for what I have officially dubbed "catchup posts". There are some images that I have sitting on my hard drive here, that haven't yet gotten to see the light of the interwebz, and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you all! Those will be hitting the blog soon.

I'll also be returning to the Facebook Page, so if you follow me already, keep an eye out there too... and if you DON'T follow me already... CLICK THAT LINK! ;)


The Prodigal Photographer Has Returned?

Ha!  Yeah... even I thought the title was pretty stupid.  Even for me.  It's not even really that accurate...BUT.. point is... I was gone...

Now I'm back.  XD

For those of you wondering "Where did you go TO?"  I was out on tour... doing that audio engineer thing that I do from time to time... but now that tour is over so I'm home and staying put for a while ^_^

I really just wanted to stop in and say hello!  I'm getting back up to speed with everything back home, with life, with my apartment, with my family... and with photography :)

I've ALREADY been busy since I got back... but I'll get to that later.

I spent a week in Nashville upon the closing of the tour, and I had the privilege of  staying with my good friend (who also happens to be a photographer I look up to), Krystal Mann :)  She does fabulous work and is a great person to find yourself around!  If you live in the Nashville area, you should definitely check her out!  She's been doing these wonderful Birth Stories for women who are... well... giving birth!  It is such a profoundly emotional thing to have caught on film (Or on CF card... since... you know... she shoots digital, haha).  Imagine being able to look back at the exact moment that you felt this intense, indescribable, feeling of joy as you get to meet the newest member of your family for the first time... that's what she does.  It's pretty freakin' amazing.

She's also doing something called Beloved Sessions.  She could probably explain it WAY better than I ever could, but it's once again, a very emotional experience for a couple looking to capture their love and relationship in a series of beautifully crafted imagery.  Don't get them confused with engagement sessions... although I'm sure she would do just the very same for an engagement session, but Beloved sessions are for those couples that have no real specific reason to have the shoot done other than to express love for each other and be able to look back upon that.  The experience is almost spiritual from what I've observed.  I'd love to have a beloved session done with my husband, for sure!

And before you think to yourself, "What is this?  An advertisement?"  No.  I just love her work THAT. MUCH.  Seriously.

::nods vigorously::

During the week I got to shoot with Krystal twice.

The first time I shot with her was for a style shoot... that I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to talk about because it's not finished yet... so I'm not going to because I don't want to give away any surprises... but it involved a fun day of "shopping" for wardrobe, shooting at a great location, working with a fantastic makeup and hair team, and getting a photographer turned hot, sassy model, to find her inner... model.  XD  MODEL NECK! (That was the quote of the day when directing her posing!  Haha!)

The second time I shot with her was for a sweet 1 year old little boy's birthday party/cake smash.  Those are always fun, because you never know what's going to happen with a bunch of toddlers running around with sugar highs, haha!

Also that week, I got the pleasure of meeting Chris and Adrienne Scott.  They are pretty fantastic photographers from Nashville area, as well!  Krystal invited them over for dinner one night and we all got to converse while sharing a great meal.  This husband and wife team have great skills AND great personalities!  You should definitely check out their work as well!  I love looking through it!  It's like eye-candy!

They're moving to Denver in July... so if you live out there get ready (and get booking)!  (I know... THAT sounded a lot like an advertisement... I SWEAR they didn't ask me to do this.  They don't even know I'm sitting here writing this right now... This is just what happens when I really enjoy and believe in someone's work!  XD )  They do weddings, boudoir, and senior sessions!  I'm sure they may do a bit more than that, but that's the brunt of most of what we discussed while I was there, so that's what's currently coming to mind.

Not only did I get to talk shop and exchange quick, pleasantly sarcastic quips in reference to previous conversation, with Chris and Adrienne, but that evening Chris also asked me if I'd be willing to stand on the other side of the camera for him.

I couldn't NOT say yes (intentional use of a double negative there... you know... for emphasis.  I don't care if it's grammatically incorrect.  XD )... I mean... LOOK AT HIS WORK!  Who could say no to that?!  Not me...

So I got to experience what it was like to be a subject for Chris Scott, and I have to say it was definitely a fun experience.  You should definitely try it out.

This is the image he posted the day after our shoot.

Cool stuff, huh? :D

THEN... by the END of the week, Krystal had me set up to third shoot a wedding with Myrick Cowart.

Betchya can't guess what I have to say about HIS work... ;)

But seriously... his images are cool and moody and very editorial.  What bride doesn't want to feel like she's a model in a magazine?  Getting to shoot with him (and the lovely Brandi Maclaren) was a seriously fantastic experience.  I want to talk more about this experience, but I'm planning on doing a separate blog entry about that and if I tell it all to you NOW... what will I have left to write about?!  BUT... I will say, Myrick is seriously great at what he does and is a great person to boot!

Seriously.  (<----------I just realized that I may have just written that about 20 times in this post so far.  S'what happens when I get excited.  Fo' real.)

So all in all, from getting to shoot and hang out with Krystal, to meeting the Scotts and third shooting with Myrick, I was pretty much on cloud 9 for my entire Nashville experience.

And now that I'm back?  I'm just working on getting back on track!

I'm finishing up a boudoir shoot I shot before I left, had two sessions this week, and am gearing up for more soon!  I'm revamping a few things and also getting some other things in life straightened out... you always have to do some spring cleaning after you've been gone for a while, haha.

But it's good to be back!

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Something fun for me!

While I'm currently working on images for clients, I thought I'd share something fun for me :D A little while ago I was contacted by Bryan Zimmerman, a writer for the Indie Spotlight on and he asked if I would like to be featured in an article.  Of *course* I said yes!

Welp, today it was pusblished to the website :) CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Ah, it's good to be back!

Well, I'm officially back from tour and I'm getting ready to work out my shooting finger!  I've been talking to a few models and a few others about lining up some shoots.  I'm pretty excited to get behind my camera! Currently, I'm in the middle of editing photos from a shoot that I did with makeup artist Desiree Fritz and model April Piazza.  The shoot was a punk rock inspired shoot and I'm pretty excited to finish editing them and share them with you all!  I was able to get a head start on them while on tour, because it turns out that one of the cast members happened to have photoshop on his computer... and I just happened to have my hard drive with me... so I was able to get a head start on the retouching, rather than waiting until now to start!  So those should be making an appearance here shortly.  Keep an eye out!

Along with April's images, I have HUNDREDS of snapshots from tour that I will be going through.  I haven't decided yet if I want to upload them a little at a time or do it all at once...  I think that will depend on the quality of photos I have and the types of photos I have (and whether or not I feel they would be better in a series type format or individually).  That's going to be a "when I have time" kind of project though.  Other things will definitely take precedence over that.  Other things like those shoots I mentioned ^_^

I'm not going to say much about those yet, because I'm still in the discussion/planning stages of those, so it's entirely possible for those to fall through, but they're in the works, none the less.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and drop you all a quick note to let you know I haven't died... I'm still here and I'm ready to get crackin'!  You will definitely be hearing a lot more from me and more often so stay tuned!! CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Please excuse my grievous error!

Okay, "grievous" may be a bit of a strong word for this, but still! I just got an email from the great Trevor Exter, and he informed me that I was wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Actually, he was quite nice about it, I'm just in a silly mood.  ^_^

He kindly pointed out that I made a mistake concerning his band... I had noticed that they were using the acronym "XVSK", but I had assumed (you know what they say about assuming...) that it was just that.  An acronym.

It's not.

They've changed the name of the band, haha.

So I would like to make the following corrections (and I have edited my previous post to reflect these changes)

The bands name is: XVSK ... NOT... Exter vs. Kimock, like I had previously stated.  That USED to be their name.  As I said, they changed it.

The band's website is:

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Alright.  Well.  I think that about covers it.  Remember to check them out if they're ever playing near you!  It is an absolute delight for your eardrums, I promise! CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Where have you gone?!

I've had some people ask me where I disappeared off to the past week or so because I've been M.I.A. from just about every social circle I run in, haha. Where have I been?  Working during the day... and then coming home and "working" some more.  XD

I've been going through the photo shoot I did with Jill Darr as well as working on various Faded Fortune things and the anniversary party I just shot.

I was supposed to have a session tomorrow with a model, however, she informed me earlier this week that she had a longboarding accident and needs to heal up from some injuries, so that shoot has been postponed until a slightly later date.

There are more projects in the works... some are booked and some are in the air, but "busy" doesn't even begin to describe my life's state at the moment, haha!

The 52 week project hasn't died, for anyone wondering about that... but it has been postponed until I can get some of the "bigger" projects out of the way.  It's important to prioritize, haha.  This is why it's called the "52 week (or so)" project... because the "or so" part refers to the weeks I skip it due to the possibility of my head exploding over everything I need to get done!  Haha!  But don't get me wrong... that's not a BAD thing.  In fact, it's a very, very GOOD thing! ^_^

So anyway... for anyone wondering... that's where I've gone.  Not far... and not for much longer... but when I "come back" I'll have some pretty pictures to show you ;)

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"DON'T. MOVE... I misfired."

We had a lot of fun with that one!  ...You had to be there... Yesterday I assisted photographer, Joe Joyce, (I have a feeling you're going to be seeing his name pop up more and more here, so you might as well get familiar with it XD ) on a photo shoot yesterday.  The model, Cathy, and her husband, Marty, who was there for moral support, were a lot of fun!

When I first got there, Joe and I did some preliminary set ups and then waited for Cathy and Marty to arrive.  Once they got here, they made themselves at home and got comfortable, and after going over some things and reviewing the goal of the shoot, we got to the fun part!

It was a great exercise in posing and lighting, and a great collaborative effort on everyone's part.  I was even doing hair at one point... which can be dangerous, considering I'm *not* a hair stylist and can barely do my own hair on a *good* day, haha, but since it was just simple straightening that needed to be done, I think it was okay... :D

It was a LOOOOONG day, but a productive one.  I think it may have been a case of biting off more than one could chew, because we were trying to go for a TON of different looks, and while we got through *most* of them, there were still a couple we had to put away for another day.

The shoot started around Noon and I don't think we took the last frame until close to 9pm that night!  So like I said... long day... but it was fun and well worth it!

Unfortunately, the nature of the shoot, being that it was an "artistic nude" shoot as a gift for Cathy's husband, has caused Cathy to understandably deny permissions for displaying the images anywhere on the internet, so you won't be seeing those at all, but I just wanted to write about the experience anyway.

In other news, I'm working on editing another Faded Fortune shoot (the second part to my previous post), and that should be ready to go in a few days, so keep your eyes out for that!  And of course, this marks the beginning of week 2 of the 52 week project!  I picked the theme this week... I think we're going with abstract, so we'll see what that yeilds!  XD CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Networking is fun!

After grabbing a Redbull on the way home from my outing today, drinking a *little* too much for my own good, and knocking out some cleaning and random conversation with friends... I decided to sit down and write you a little... something. Today I met with a fellow photographer, Joe Joyce (, because I'm going to be helping him out on a shoot this weekend, so we wanted to discuss the details. Talking with Joe is always a fun time because we're just two people who are totally on fire for photography and as a result can go on for hours talking about it, haha. He's got some ideas in the works for shoots he would like my help on, and vice versa, so it should be tons of fun.

One thing he had mentioned was the fact that he had stumbled upon a blog of mine via my personal Facebook profile that wasn't linked in any way to my website, photoblog, or anything of the like. I explained to him that it was because that was my "personal" blog and since it had nothing to do with photography, I really felt it had no business associating with any of my photography outlets...

It was at that time that Joe pointed out something to me that I had heard once before... people tend to enjoy photography blogs that aren't necessarily *just* about photography. Obviously the premise *for* the blog would *be* photography, but considering there's more to a person than their camera and their work, sometimes it's nice to have a personal touch on things.

I'm inclined to agree with him, since some of my favorite photography blogs definitely do give a little insight to the person behind the camera.

That being said, the fact that Joe was so quick to guess that I was a Gemini based on my personality and the habits he's learned of me during the short time we've known each other, sort of keeps me from wanting to assault you all with every detail of my life, as it may frighten some of you... and not that I put any stock in zodiac signs but... I *am* a Gemini... ;) So I thought about it some more, and I decided that it *is* probably actually possible for me to put a bit more of a personal spin on my blog entries here without having to necessarily disturb you with tales of hormonal mood swings or 4am musings about why I think my cat does the little things he does... (although, Robin certainly *is* entertaining at times, so I can't promise his stories won't make an appearance from time to time...), but I think I definitely want to try this whole letting you "get a peak behind the camera" thing.

We'll see how it goes. XD

But anyway, I digress.

Joe and I will be collaborating this weekend on a shoot of his... and possibly another shortly after. My website is launched, the new blog is launched, the Facebook page is launched (HAVE YOU LIKED THE FACEBOOK PAGE? LIKE IT! ) and I'm ready to move forward.

Faded Fortune (remember when I said they were donzo? Well they're not. They had some member changes and are kicking it back in gear again... and pretty quickly, I might add...) needed some new promo shots so the guitarist's parents, who are also photographers, took them in the studio the other week and I edited their shots. I won't be posting those, however, because I didn't actually take the photos. Although maybe I'll get bored and ask for permission to do so just to show you how I edited them.

Aside from the studio shots, Nick, the guitar player, wanted some new live shots of them since there are only 2 original members remaining. That is obviously where I come in to play. So that shoot happened this past weekend and I'm going through them now.

All I have to say is Mama wants a wide-angle.

It would just make life easier.

I can get around it but...

Mama wants a wide-angle. (Anyone caring to donate to the "Mama needs a new lens" foundation, message me and I'll link you to Mama's paypal account ;) XD ).

I've also been corresponding with some models and mapping out ideas on my own for future shoots, so hopefully some fun stuff is in the works for the near future!

Considering there is a war being waged in my body at the moment, as I had a fever of 101.5 Monday night, felt better today, but am currently experiencing a climb back up in temperature as I type, I think I'm going to call it an early night tonight. ...But that's what's happening in my life, photographically speaking, right now. ^_^

-Emily Rose

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Time for a change!

Welcome to my new photo blog ^_^ As you can see that the name has changed... like I said, it was time for a change. :)

Other than that and the layout... everything else is pretty much the same.  All of my old posts have been imported as well as comments and all of that fun stuff.

If you were following or subscribed to my old blog, be sure to do the same with this one, as I will no longer be updating the old one!

Thanks for visiting ^_^