Band Promo Photography | Grant Williams

This blog post has been LONG overdue. Long.


HAHA!  Ugh, such is life.

Anyway, a few... MONTHS... ago, I got a call from musician, Grant Williams, looking to get some band promo photography artwork done for his current band at the time.  He called me with this cool idea he had for CD cover artwork, and I was excited to work on it with him!  A casting call, a body paint mishap, and a few models later, we finally got 'er done!

When doing the session, our original intention was to PAINT the models... Now, unlike a lot of the photographers from back home, I am unfamiliar with the practice of PAINTING models... haha.

I went onto a local forum asking for advice, but one of the popular responses was that we should use latex.

I have to be honest and say... Ehhhh-I'm not really a fan of the way latex body-paint looks.  I don't think there's anything *wrong* with it... it's just personal preference.  It's too shiny... and strange... and... Blue Man Group.  HAHA!  Not to mention, I needed something that would blend well, and I had a sneaking suspicion latex isn't great for blending... I could be wrong.  I'll never really know.  But in any case, the shoot was scheduled conveniently around Halloween.  My plan was to go to a Halloween shop and pick up an obscene amount of face paint, but this proved to be more challenging than I initially thought.  I needed primary colors and the resulting color there-of.  It always happened that I could find two of the three colors I needed, but never the third.

FINALLY I found enough tubes of blue, red, and purple.

While the RED paint, worked beautifully... the blue was horrid and cracked within seconds after drying... and the purple was... a horrible mix of the blue and red, in that it went on smooth, but it was almost too watery and didn't cover well.


So... what did we do?

I went against my mantra of, "Do as much in-camera as possible" and said, "Screw it.  I'll paint them in post."

And that's what we did.

I photographed the models clean-skinned, and then took the images into Photoshop and painted the colors onto them the way they were *supposed* to look with the paint I bought.

We took the long way around to get there, but we made it work, and Grant was happy, so I was happy.  Haha!

When Grant contacted me about the concept, he told me that he wanted 3 panels for the front of the cover.  I'm not sure how he's going to, (or did... Like I said this blog post is way overdue, haha) end up arranging these, but I'm just going to present them in sequential order as individual images:

Band Promo Photos, Nashville, Emily McGonigle Photography, Grant Williams
Band Promo Photos, Nashville, Emily McGonigle Photography, Grant Williams

Unfortunately the band that Grant was originally going to apply these images to is no longer together.  However, he stated that he would probably be using them for some personal projects he has in the works, so I'm looking forward to see what he does with them!  In the mean time, he's in a band called Graces Downfall and you should totally check them out... especially if you're in Pennsylvania.

The models used for the shoot are Danny Tawil and Emily Catherine, and they're absolutely lovely to work with.  So if you're an artist or photographer yourself, and you're in Pennsylvania, check them out. ;)

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