Faded Fortune - March 5th, 2011

I'm trying to think up something amusing to tell you about this show to go along with these images, but the story of my frustration in trying to *upload* these images is all that is consuming my brain at the moment. It's bad enough that Facebook CRUNCHES THE HELL out of images and makes them look as if I was half-drunk while shooting (and for the record, I don't drink even a DROP of alcohol when I'm working...the results would be less than aesthetically pleasing... XD), but while I was trying to upload these images earlier, I kept getting an error message telling me that Facebook "was confused" and "didn't understand" what I was trying to do.


I clicked "Create Album".

What the hell is confusing about *that*?

Well the upload bar looked like it was still moving, so I let it go until it was done. The photos showed up but only some of them, and it wouldn't let me re-order them. So I tried to delete the album to start again from scratch... and nothing happened.

Delete again.

Nothing happened.



Then I tried to delete individual pictures... nothing happened.

I was pretty much going crazy. Then I left it alone, and came back about 10 minutes later and everything was gone.

Then I tried it again.

Same thing... upload failed, yet the pictures showed up... and then nothing would delete.

Then I left it alone and came back THRITY minutes later and FINALLY everything was okay.

During all this, I had created a new status which magically disappeared and reappeared on its own will later, as well as a new "like" to the page... which disappeared and reappeared on its own will later.

Ugh. Facebook. Can't make it work... can't live without it. XD

Anyway... PICTURES:

Hosted from Flickr... with better quality and better service all around than Facebook... I present to you... Faded Fortune at Harrisburg Hardware Bar on March 5th:

What do you do when the lighting color scheme is putrid?

CONVERT TO BLACK AND WHITE! XD Here are some shots from one of the more recent Faded Fortune shoots I did... but let me tell you about this venue. They might as well have been playing a basement show... because I've shot some *dark* venues before, but this one was the DARKEST of the dark. Sure, they had backlighting, but that doesn't help much unless you want to see 300 photos of a dark silhouette against pretty mini cans and strobes...

This venue had 4 cans, hap-hazardly aimed at the front of the stage, and they pretty much just covered the area where the lead singer stood. Both guitar players were completely in the dark and the only light the drummer was playing in, was the light that wrapped around him from the backlighting rig. Not only was the front lighting inadequate, but they were an orangy-peach color, supplied by the backlighting guys, which was MUCH better than the ugly red and green gels usually applied, but still clashed with the backlighting.

There really wasn't much anyone could do, short of redesigning the venues lighting scheme, so fun times indeed. XD

But I managed to get some shots for the guys :)

And at the end of the night, a very... excited... fan decided she was going to throw a dollar bill onto the stage. I don't know if she was just trying to be funny, or if she really thought they deserved a tip, but she threw a dollar onto the stage. And then another. Then her friend started in... and the next thing the guys knew, they were being showered with dollar bills and the occasional 5 spot here and there!

I think they made something like $50 in tips that night during their last song! XD

I unfortunately didn't get a shot of the money shower, because I was at an angle that didn't allow me to see what was happening until I saw Keith's expression on the drums. By the time I realized what was happening... it was over... but I managed to snap off a shot of the aftermath :)

I also shot the show the next night and a show the weekend after, so stay tuned for those posts coming soon!

Feel free to check out the images I didn't include in this blog at: Faded Fortune - West Shore Hardware Bar - March 4th, 2011CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Faded Fortune - Seacrets

Still playing "catch up", but here is the latest set I've finished! These were taken at a gig back in October at a pretty sweet night club in Maryland called "Seacrets".  The venue posed some interesting issues that night.

First and foremost I re-learned the lesson to *NEVER* dress up if I have even the *slightest* intention of shooting a show.  The reason I originally stopped doing that was because heels and a mini skirt are never helpful when it comes to crawling around a stage while keeping your eye glued to a viewfinder... so I resorted to jeans, sneakers (for the most part), and a comfortable t-shirt and/or hoodie (some of those clubs are FREEZING!).  I'm all about function over fashion in the appropriate situations.

But, for SOME reason, on October 10th, I decided that I wanted to dress like I was about to have a night on the town.  Why?  We were going to a fun club... we were going to have some time to kill... I figured it'd be fun.  It *WAS*... until I started shooting.

The heels actually helped a little because the place was PACKED and everyone in the world is taller than me.  But being dressed up and catching the attention of several ... bachelors ... was not so helpful.  I'm not a fan of missing shots because I'm too busy explaining to someone over the sound of a ridiculously loud PA system that "the drummer is my husband!"  It's even worse when they don't hear you the first time... or for some reason they decide to stick around anyway [I don't know if they think musician's wives are just loose like that, or what the deal is.  XD ].

Needless to say, I haven't gotten "dolled up" for a gig since October 2nd.  XD

The OTHER fun thing about this venue was the fact that the floor was *not* fully supported.

That place was P-A-C-K-E-D to the brim (which was *great* for the club and the guys in the band), and *not* so great for little ol' me trying to take pictures from the floor.  It felt like I was in a moon bounce.

The floor... *bounced*.

With everyone jumping up and down, the floor moved with their motions and I was *fairly* certain that *none* of my shots were going to come out due to my inability to keep. the camera. STILL.  No matter HOW hard I tried!

It was also, I believe, the first venue I've shot at where the lights were changing and didn't stay consistent during the whole show.

It was a challenge, but it was definitely fun!

Here are some of the results of that shoot:

To view the entire set click: Faded Fortune - Seacrets

Faded Fortune - Sands Casino - 9.3.2010

Hello, hello, hello! It's been quite a while, eh?

Well, now that I'm on a temporary hiatus with Lifetouch, I'm trying desperately to catch up on all the projects I have fallen behind on due to 50+ hour work weeks O_o.

I would *LOVE* to regale you with tales of the adventures I must have been having at this show for these images to come out the way that they did... but, alas, this show was almost 3 months ago, and I have failed to commit to writing a pre-post with details of the show, like I intended to, so that I can remember what happened by the time I get around to posting images.


My bad... sorry. ^_^

Anyway... here are a few shots from that show! View the rest of the set here: --->Proceed With Caution - Faded Fortune - Sands Casin o

Oh, wow, you're still alive?

Yes... yes I am. Work has really been taking it out of me, and I've fallen a bit behind in my editing. I'm trying desperately to catch up... :) So... I had this really deep photographic thought process earlier... and I was going to come home and torture you with it... but then I got busy and now I forget what it even was. Lucky you!

So instead, I'm going to post up the latest band set I finished editing... accompanied with a story! (Lucky you, again! ;) )

This is the story of how, during my second week of training at my job, which was my first week out at schools, I decided to pull an all-nighter.


Because there was a venue that Keith had been playing all summer that I REALLY wanted to visit... and since my previous boss always managed to put a fork in my plans to go, when I found out I had a Wednesday off during training week, I decided I was going! No ifs, ands, or buts!

However, that required me to pull an all-nighter, because the band wasn't going to get back to town until about 4am... which is when I should have been leaving for my job that morning.

Luckily the meeting spot was half-way to my job, so I followed Keith down in my car and left it in the parking lot with his. I went to New Jersey to shoot this show, got hopped up on TONS of Red Bull, drove back in the van with the boys to our cars... got into my car, and started my trip to my job that morning.

That was the morning my GPS failed me, my phone internet magically decided to stop working, and the address I was given via the paperwork for the job I was going to was incorrect, making it impossible for me to look at a paper map in a gas station to figure out where I needed to go.

I found where I was going eventually, and miraculously made it on time, but that wasn't without a slight panic attack, and another Red Bull.

By the end of that day, after working, then attending a loooooooooong company meeting, and finally getting home, where I stayed up, rather than sleeping, because of all the caffeine I had in the last 24 hours... I had stayed up for a grand total of 32 (or was it 34?) hours. Straight.

Come to think of it, I'm not really sure how I was ANY kind of functional on Friday after all that, but... I'm alive and able to tell the story now, so apparently I survived. XD

Anyway, here are the results of that shoot: When playing, Keith always has a look of concentration on his face. People often comment saying that he looks angry in a lot of the shots of him. This one was no exception. XD

Christian's big vocal solo

Nick rockin' out

John tellin' it like it is

GIMP, you ain't got NOTHIN'...

...on Photoshop Elements 8. :D

So I recently downloaded the 30 day trial of PSE8 and bought a book I've had my eye on for a while concerning PSE8.  This past weekend I *FINALLY* got a chance to get shots of the band using the 50mm f/1.4 (yay!) and while I still need to go through the rest of them, I picked out one to mess around with in PSE8.

I was following instructions on how to get an effect that the authors of the book call "The Surreal Edgy Grungy Effect".  I followed the directions exactly and then tweaked them a little.  The first time around wasn't fantastic... then I tried again today and tweaked a little more... I might still be on a PSE8 high, so it's probably not as good as I'd like to think it is (haha), but I think my second attempt came out better than the first... I also spent more time on the second attempt and utilized layers to control different amounts of sharpening and what not...

Here are the results of that adventure...


John Original




Second Attempt

Alright... time to get back to going through these photos!! ^_^

Scranton Hardware Bar - May 29th, 2010

Yeah. Sorry... I couldn't come up with a more creative title. I'm tired and filthy... I just want a shower and ice cream... May 29th might as well be 50 years ago as far as my memory is concerned. I'd love to supply commentary along with these, but I might as well have been in a drunken, sleep-walking stupor (although, I wasn't), because I don't remember even taking half these shots, haha.

So... here are a couple of my favorites: