FIREWORKS! Everyone has one...

An album full of fireworks, that is.  I missed my opportunity last year, so I made sure to get out at least ONCE this year.  I may go out to a different spot before the end of the summer, but we'll see how I'm feeling, haha. This weekend was the Hellertown Carnival and a friend at work tipped me off to the fact that they always end the night in fireworks, so texted my husband and informed him that we would be going to the carnival that evening.  XD

It was fun photographing them.  The hardest part was trying to guess where in the sky they were going to explode.  I should have had a remote trigger so I didn't have to touch the camera at all, but I was an airhead that night and forgot to grab it.  I also wasn't able to back up as much as I would have liked to be able to prevent some of the shots from getting cut off, but it was still fun.

Here are a few of my favorites: